“Street Fame” Track List *RARE*

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Tupac Shakur has handwritten this album set list in black ink on 7.5 x 10.5 lined notebook paper that he was ripped out of a notebook. Tupac titled the album set list“2PAC STREET FAME” and the list features songs written by Tupac that were released when he still alive as well as posthumously.

There are two lists, titled Side A and Side B. The title song “STREET FAME”, which also appears on the Side B list, was released on Tupac’s 1994 album “Thug Life- Volume 1”. “Thug Life” was the only studio album released by the hip hop group Thug Life which was started by Tupac and featured Big Syke, Macadoshis, Mopreme, Rated R and Tupac. “Street Fame” also appeared on the album “Better Dayz” which was released posthumously in 2002.

Tupacs Handwritten Tracklist ”Street Fame”

The first song that Tupac has written on the Side A list, “Bury Me a G” also was released on that album. The other songs listed here that were released when Tupac was still alive include “Lord Knows” and “Death Around the Corner” which were both released on Tupac’s 1995 album “Me Against The World.” The song “Why They Call U Bitch” was released on Tupac’s 1996 album “All Eyez On Me” – the last album to be released by Tupac when he was still alive. There are several songs listed here that were released on Tupac’s first posthumous album, “R U Still Down?”, which was produced by his mother’s company Amaru Entertainment, which she set up to control his posthumous releases.

The songs listed here that were released on that album include “Fake Ass Bitches”, “Open Fire”, “Nothing to Lose”, and “I’m Gettin’ Money”. The songs “Who Do U Love?” and “Thugs Get Lonely 2” were both released posthumously on the 2004 album “Loyal to the Game”, which was produced by Eminem. Very good condition. Comes with a Gotta Have Rock & Roll™ Certificate of Authenticity.

Source: gottahaverockandroll.com

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