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To all concerned business and agency owners,

We would like to learn more about your brand and the specific topic you would like to cover in the sponsored article. Our editorial team has strict guidelines and ethical standards to adhere to, and we only publish sponsored content that is relevant and valuable to our audience. But we would also like to discuss the budget for this.

Articles on banned substances, drugs, and gambling. While we appreciate your interest in promoting your brand through our platform. Our site is musical, with a musical focus, and all articles must be musically themed. If you can make a quality article about Tupac or music article and implement your link very skillfully, then we can accept it, but these articles are significantly more expensive, so please send us a good offer.

Relevance: The sponsored article should be relevant to the target audience and fit within the content of the website or publication where it will appear.

High-quality Content: The sponsored article should be well-written (over 600 words), informative and engaging. It should provide value to the reader, rather than being purely promotional.

What do we offer?

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We discuss the budget framework with each client and almost always reach an agreement. For this, we ask you, after familiarizing yourself with our requirements, to send the name of the article, the link you want to publish, and a price proposal.

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Steps for publishing an article in 2PacLegacy.net:

1. Send the article by email: mail@2paclegacy (.)net

2. Confirmation of the price by us.

3. Payment by you: paypal.me/2paclegacynet

4. Publish the article. Done!

Feel free to contact us: mail@2paclegacy (.)net

Payment: paypal.me/2paclegacynet