Rare Interview Reveals 2Pac’s Emotions Behind The Scenes Of “Poetic Justice”

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Tupac Shakur’s iconic status was carved out thanks to the very strong social messages that his music managed to send out throughout the 90s. His talent was seemingly immeasurable, leaving behind a plethora of legendary songs for the generations to look up to in times of need.

Music, however, was far from the only art, which 2Pac was trying to master. His short but intense film career also left an interesting impact on the lives of people from the black community.
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Another rare interview from Shakur’s acting days was recently posted on the Entertainment Tonight Youtube channel. It takes us back to 1993 during the shooting of the movie “Poetic Justice”, in which Pac got the opportunity to team up with pop icon Janet Jackson. This part of the interview, however, takes a look at how Tupac views his responsibility to always defend the interests of the black community, regardless of the endeavor he decides to participate in.

Shakur puts the emphasis on representing the young black males instead of being on the look for more publicity if he were to stir up a more spicy political story. Pac was never in it for the scandals and noise but rather was on a mission to improve the life and well-being of all of his brothers. As he himself puts it, Tupac only ever wanted to be political if it meant living by his principles and applying them in his artistic work.

The interview is even more revealing and precious because it includes a teary scene from the “Poetic Justice” movie where Pac admits to shedding real, heartfelt tears. He explains that for himself music played an instrumental role in getting over setbacks and being able to go along with life, the way it is. Yet another strong message from a man who knew all about pain and trauma but managed to battle through, going on to influence an entire generation with his tracks.

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Johny Operty
Johny Operty
June 17, 2023 8:04 am

The GOAT smiling

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