A Rare Interview with Tupac During The Shooting of the Movie “Gang Related” emerges

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A rare interview with Tupac during the shooting of the movie “Gang Related” emerges

Tupac Shakur’s life story was mainly linked with his musical genius, which gave him the ability to record dozens of time-defining hits, which are still used as a source of inspiration by younger generations nowadays. His rap talent is well-documented but some fans might’ve forgotten that 2Pac also had a real passion for the art of acting, including starring in a few movies prior to his tragic death in 1996.

The “Access Hollywood” Youtube channel revived some rare footage of one of the legendary rapper’s final interviews before being gunned down. Shakur would talk about his passion for acting, whilst being part of the set for the “Gang Related” movie, which would come out later that year. The music phenom would play together with James Belushi, both in the roles of corrupt cops – a topic, which was always very familiar to Tupac. There was also time for fun and games, however, as both men attempted to sing out Frank Sinatra’s “Fly Me to the Moon” song.

At the start of the interview, Shakur states that actors like Al Pacino and Robert De Niro were a real inspiration for him, especially because of the passion and flair these two legendary actors would show in their films. Pac, however, went on to add that his life experience even at the very young age of 25 tops that of both Pacino and De Niro tenfold, seeing as he had already served time in prison, whilst also surviving a 5-bullet assault at the lobby of a New York recording studio. It shows just how confident and thrilled he was to star in the movie since he would also tell his mother Afeni about it.

The video ends with some exclusive scenes from the first episode of the 5-part Hulu documentary series “Dear Mama”, looking up at the very tense but fruitful relationship between Pac and his mother – Afeni Shakur. It was precisely her example, which provided the platform for Tupac to never allow his beliefs and principles to be shelved. And as we can see by a number of the movies he starred in, not only the musical world lost a marvelous talent in 1996 but as well the acting scene would’ve loved to have a Pac in his prime.

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