Unseen Tupac Interview Reveals Why He Decided To Star In Gridlock’d

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Tupac was known as a man of many extraordinary talents, so many that we probably didn’t have the opportunity to really enjoy all of them previous to his death. The final months before his tragic end were filled with interesting new projects, including the shooting of a few movies. One of them went by the name of Gridlock’d. During the shooting process, Pac also gave a very insightful interview. One of the key topics was delving into the other side of Shakur’s character, which might often be overlooked because of the controversy around his persona.

Pac described both sides of his character, talking about the ability to be very concentrated and level-headed in his work, going as far as stating that he’s “boring” in certain circumstances. The legend went on to clarify that the other part of his being was full of passion, curiosity, and never-ending energy. Tupac added that the most challenging thing for him was to think clearly before acting.

For Shakur stepping beyond the restrictions, determined by society, was a life philosophy. In the interview, he would explain that many people told him to only stick to music since he would never make it as an actor, which didn’t align with the way he sees the world. 2Pac mentioned that only by going beyond the realms of the known a person can develop himself and make changes to the world.

Pac continued by showing his awareness of the mistakes he had made during his life, stating that only through failures and pain can a person truly be able to understand what should be done and what not. In the interview, he also mentioned that taking the risk of failing might bring the most desired awards in the end.

The final segment of the video showcases that in 1996 Shakur clearly voiced his desire to start slowly moving away from the music industry in favor of an acting career. His appearance on Grindlock’d, as he admits, was an attempt to improve his public image in a film, dedicated to the topic of unconditional friendship. At the time it seems like Pac wanted to refresh his outlook on life to have more thought-provoking material to bring to the table for his next albums. That was the reason why the cinema industry was a great opportunity to gain a new type of experience.

1996 was an incredibly dynamic year in the life of Pac, regardless of the fatal ending. We could only envisage how much more fantastic music and acting work he could’ve done, using his drive and passion for art, if it weren’t for his tragic death.

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