DL: Dante Presents OG Vibe series

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Dante Presents OG Vibe Vol. 1

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01. WOGV Intro
02. All Eyez On Me (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
03. Po Nigga Blues (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
04. Dear Mama (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
05. Papaz Song (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
06. My Closest Road Dog (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
07. Thugz Mansion (Dante's Acoustic OG Vibe Plain Hook Mix)
08. Worldwide Mob Figgaz-Remix (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
09. Temptations (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
10. Death Around The Corner (Dante's OG Vibe Interview Mix)
11. When We Ride On Our Enemies (Dante's OG Vibe Plain Hook Mix)
12. Still Ballin' (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)13. Runnin' 98 (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
14. Who Do You Believe In (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
15. The Thug In Me (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
16. LastOneLeft (Dante's OG Vibe Fill In The Blanks Mix)
17. Never Call U Bitch Again (Dante's OG Vibe Full Tyrese Mix)
18. Heavy In The Game (Dante's OG Vibe Interview Mix)

Dante Presents OG Vibe Vol. 2


01. Don't You Trust Me (Dante's OG Vibe Just The Boys Mix)
02. This Life I Lead (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
03. Fuck Em All (Dante OG Vibe Take Two Mix)
04. Thug Nigga (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
05. Don't Stop The Music (Dante's UTEOT OG Vibe Mix)
06. Crooked Nigga Too (Dante's Crooked Ass Nigga Part 2 OG Vibe Mix)
07. Let Them Thangs Go (Dante's OG Vibe No Ambitionz Mix)
08. Fuck All Y'all (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
09. Dump Or Die (Dante's OG Studio Take Vibe Mix)
10. Nothing To Lose (Dante's OG Vibe Plain Mix)
11. Open Fire (Dante's OG Vibe NRA Mix)
12. Don't Go To Sleep (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
13. Black Cotton (Dante's OG Vibe What Em Shoulda Done Mix)
14. Thug Style (Dante's OG Vibe LMZ Intro Fix Mix)

Dante Presents OG Vibe Vol. 3

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01. Don't Stop The Music (Dante's OG Vibe REMixed)
02. Crooked Nigga Too (Dante's Crooked Ass Nigga Pt 2 OG Vibe Mix REMixed)
03. Fake Ass Bitches (Dante's OG Vibe Adlib Mix)
04. Lie To Kick It (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
05. Temptations (Dante's OG Vibe REMixed)
06. Str8 Gettin' Money (Dante's OG Vibe Mix)
07. World Don't Take Me Personally (Dante's OG Vibe Full Mix)
08. Don't Stop The Music (Dante's OG Vibe Extendo Mix)
09. Fake Ass Bitches (Dante's OG Vibe Duet Mix)
10. Souljah's Revenge (Live 1993)

Dante Presents OG Vibe Vol. 4 (2 CDs)


Disc 1:
01. Po Nigga Blues (Shock G Version) (Dante Remix)
02. They Don't Give A Fuck About Us (DJ Fatal & King Dizzy Remix)
03. Enemies With Me (LM45z Remix)
04. Thug Luv (King Dizzy Remix)
05. Changes (Dante Remix)
06. N.I.G.G.A (Slick C Remix)
07. Better Dayz (King Dizzy)
08. If You Play Your Cards Right (DJ Fatal Remix)
09. How Do U Want It (Warpath Remix)
10. Worldwide Mob Figgaz (Dante Remix)
11. Who Do U Luv (King Dizzy Remix)
12. Thug Style (LM45z Remix)
13. There U Go (King Dizzy Remix)
14. Old School (DJ Fatal Remix)
15. Never Be Peace (Dante Remix)
16. Thug 4 Life (LM45z Version Dante Extended Remix)
17. Soon As I Get Home (DJ Fatal Remix)
18. Thugz Mansion (King Dizzy Remix)

Disc 2:
01. Runnin' [Dying To Live] (King Dizzy Remix)
02. Baby Don't Cry (Keep Ya Head Up II) (Warpath Remix)
03. Hennesey (Dante Remix)
04. Nuthin 2 Lose (Krysis - Dominator Remix)
05. When Thugz Cry (DJ Fatal Remix)
06. Can U Get Away (King Dizzy)
07. Lie To Kick It (Dante Remix)
08. Don't You Trust Me (Makapack2k3 Remix)
09. Po Nigga Blues (King Dizzy Remix)
10. Black Jesus (DJ Chew Remix)
11. Thugs Get Lonely Too (SD Remix)
12. Don't Go To Sleep (Dante Remix)
13. I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto (LM45z Remix)
14. Wherever U R (DJ Fatal Remix)
15. Dear Mama (King Dizzy Remix)
16. Lil Homies (DJ Fatal & King Dizzy Dante Intro Fix)
17. Never Call U Bitch Again (Dante Remix)
18. Wonda Why They Call U A Fake Ass Bytch (Dante Remix)
19. Hold On (Dante Remix)
20. Only Fear Of Death (Dante Remix)

Dante Presents OG Vibe vol.5/Switch Ups vol.1 (2 CDs)


Disc 1:
01. Str8 Ballin' II with Kurupt
02. Better Dayz II
03. Interlude
04. If You Play Your Cards Right II with The Outlawz
05. Don't U Trust Me
06. The Good Life II
07. Komradz (So So Krazy) with the Outlawz
08. Never Call U Bitch Again
09. Hold On (Be Strong) with Starr
10. Ghetto Heaven with Macy Gray
11. Wonda Why They Call U Bytch II
12. Don't (Go To) Sleep with Nutt-so & Tha Dogg Pound
13. Only Fear Of Death
14. Worldwide Homeboyz with Young Noble
15. Fuckin' With The Wrong Nigga II
16. Shit Don't Stop II with Thug Life
17. Better Dayz with Ron Isley
18. Str8 Gettin' Money (Version II)
19. Crooked Nigga Too
20. Mr. Troublesome '96

Disc 2:
01. Friends (Version III)
02. Thugs Get Lonely Too with Rated R
03. Fake Ass Bitches
04. Loyal To The Game (DJ Quik Remix) with Big Syke & DJ Quik
05. Lie 2 Kick It (Version III) with Richie Rich
06. Me Against The World with Dramacydal
07. Judgment Day
08. Whatz Ya Phone # with Danny Boy (exclusive)
09. Letter 2 My Unborn Child with Tena Jones
10. Everything They Owe
11. Smile with Scarface
12. Never Call U Bitch Again with Danny Boy
13. Thug 4 Life with Stretch of the Live Squad
14. Friends (Version I)
15. They Trynna Murda Me
16. Thugz Mansion (7Aurelius Remix) with Aries
17. Can U Get Away (Live from Clinton) with Eboni Foster (exclusive)
18. OG Vibe Greatest Hits Preview

Dante Presents OG Vibe Vol. 6

Dante Presents - Loyal To The Game [OG Vibed]

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