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Introducing DeathRowRecords.com's new video compilation of rare and unreleased videos from the legendary Death Row label. This DVD compilation contains 21 seldom-seen videos from Death Row artists, with most including promotional intro screens that display artist or director information. None of these videos contain inserted network tags or logos, and all have been recorded directly from very rare promotional video tapes issued only to select networks. There are no edits or alterations whatsoever.

Some highlights include:

* Natural Born Killaz (Workprint):  this is an amazing video to watch for a number of reasons.  On the network broadcasts of this video and even the Murder Was The Case DVD the killers in the video are concealed with blurred screens.  This version does not have these blurrs, and the faces of the Mendenez brothers are seen, for example.  What is particularly interesting is that the video portrays Dr. Dre and Ice Cube killing OJ Simpson's now deceased wife, Nicole Brown Simpson, as well as the man she was with (Ron Goldman).  Additionally, this video is not yet finished being edited, and so the viewer can see how the "tripping" effect was created through the use of overlaid video (with Dre and Cube wearing white suits so only their faces and hands will later appear).  This version has never been released or leaked and is very rare.

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* An alternate (stairs version) introduction to the Made Figgaz video.  This version is essentially the same as common versions, except the camera follows Kastro up some stairs and meeting with 2Pac.  It was not used for broadcast on American television and is not available on the Gang Related DVD.

* Seldom-seen videos that never made it into rotation in the general market.  See the videos for classic Death Row songs that were not from major album releases, but were great nonetheless.  The rare OFTB video titled Body & Soul, Al B. Sure!'s only Death Row video, Snoop dressed up as a black Santa, the Death Row mix of SWV's Anything (featuring a video cameo by 2Pac), and much much more!

As a special bonus, this DVD also contains the unreleased MC Hammer Death Row album!  That's right - the full album (minus Too Late Playa which is available on Remembering Makaveli volume 1)!  Hammer spent a short time on Death Row but banged out this album very quickly with the classic 1996 Death Row sound and energy.  The album contains all new songs, and many feature Death Row and Bay area artists. Guest spots include Too Short, Spice 1, Da 5 Footaz with serveral tracks featuring Danny Boy. Along with an amazing long posse song titled Can U Feel It Part 1, and features a host of guest verses including Nutt-so, Storm, Mac Mall, Kurupt, the Luniz (both Yukmouth and Clee), Spice-1, and many more!  This DVD is the only place to find this album, and even for fans of Death Row music who didn't enjoy previous Hammer albums, this particular one will still be a hit.

This DVD was sold in 2007 on Dante and G. Litt’s site hiphoponline (.) net (former 2pac shakur . net), price $34.99

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