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1991-09-22 / Money B’s Birthday with Tupac and Saafir [Rare Photo]

Ronald Brooks aka Money B: "This photo was actually taken at my 22nd birthday party in Berkeley at my mom's house on 63rd." On the photo: Money B, Tupac and Saafir / September 22,...

1990-01-01 / Digital Underground with 2Pac (First Japan Tour)

Chopmaster J: ''We basically ended up in Japan over in Yokohama. So these Japanese girls, they were flirting with us, you know, over there in the parking lot before we were even getting...

Tupac’s List of Concerts & Live Performances [Updated…]

This is the most complete list of Tupac's performances on the stage - concerts and shows, without freestyles. 2Pac (First Concert) 1989 Marin City Festival Digital Underground with 2Pac (First Japan Tour) January 01, 1990 Shock G, Chopmaster...

Tupac at Digital Underground Concert Backstage, 1993 (Unseen Photo)

Another unseen photo by DJ JOHNNY' O with Tupac backstage at a Digital Underground concert at Kent State University, 1993. DJ JOHNNY' O: ”This is a classic picture of Tupac holding holding a copy of my magazine...

Tupac & Humpty Hump Funny Moments at ”Pump It Up” TV Series. Rare Video

Humpty Hump and Sista D entertain contest winner Daphne on the 90's television show "Pump It Up". Featuring a cameo by Tupac Shakur at 6:19 min.

June/August – 1990 / Digital Underground Performed on The US Public Enemy Tour

July 11, 1990, Public Enemy, Digital Underground, Heavy D., Kid 'N Play, and En Vogue at Riverfront Coliseum, Cincinnati, OH, US. August 16, 1990, Public Enemy, Heavy D., Digital Underground, Kid 'N Play, Poor Righteous...

1990-03-17 / Digital Underground with Tupac Appears on Bay Area Music Awards

March 17, 1990 Digital Underground with Tupac appears on Bay Area Music Awards in the San Francisco Civic Auditorium.

1990-05-03 / Digital Underground – The Humpty Dance (Live at Arsenio Hall Show)

May 3, 1990, One of Tupac's first TV appearances with Digital Underground (Tupac and Money B dancing) on Arsenio Hall Show.

1991-01-06 / Tupac’s Debut in Digital Underground’s “Same song” Video

On January 06, 1991, Tupac makes his debut in Digital Underground's "Same song" video. Interscope records offers a contract to Tupac, he signs with Interscope and his career started.

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Does Tupac Shakur Have Kids?

On April 29, 1995, Tupac married girlfriend Keisha Morris at Clinton Correctional Facility. The civil ceremony was witnessed by her mother and Tupac’s cousin. Tupac...

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