DL: 2Pac Video Collection 3 DVD Discs (ISO) by DeathRowRecords.Com

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This video discography spanning three DVD discs features tag free, full videos with intro screens denoting the director and other relevant credit information.  Each video (minus one) is from a digital source (NOT from a VHS tape), so they will be the best quality video quality possible. 

Exclusive to this set is Made Niggaz 360 Camera Version IN DVD QUALITY!  This video is an amazing one-take of 2Pac and the Outlawz rapping to a spinning camera in the center of a room, and the scene does not break away into any other angles or scenes.  Now is your chance to own every 2Pac video made, all in order of release, and all in digital quality with an exclusive bonus at the end! 

This DVD was sold in 2007 on Dante and G. Litt's site hiphoponline (.) net (former 2pac shakur . net), price $79.99

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