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Thug Life : Volume 2 (1994) (Unreleased Project)

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Thug Life - Volume 2 [Promo Album] (2005)These songs have been recorded at the same time of the Volume 1, at the end of 1993 and in the beginning of 1994, in replacement of the “Out on Bail Demo” refused by Interscope. Because a most of the new releases were also refused by Interscope, 2Pac hoped to publish a second volume of Thug Life (after N-Y shooting, it falls down, but he and Big Syke were still planning to release a new Thug Life album). Some songs like Thug Life without 2Pac were clearly released for Thug Life album, but some other tracks could have also been recorded for “Americaz Crucify”.

1. Ready For Whatever feat. Big Syke / Johnny J

  • published in R U Still Down (1997, Amaru).

2. Hopeless (Intro) / ?

  • We can hear the Thug Life anthem and some “I Get Around” phrases. U can also hear it in the “Thug 4 Life” tour.

3. Life’s So Hard (on a G) / Stretch

  • Recorded at the end of 1993 (written 1993 on Remixed in a Death Row style for the “Gang related OST” (1997, Death Row) with Snoop Dogg’s backing vocals. And maybe this new version was overseen by 2Pac, as he did with songs like “Cause I Had To (Po’ Nigga Blues)”, “Changes”…

4. Anotha Jack (by Thug Life) / ?

  • You can hear song “I get around” in the background at the end.

5. God Bless The Dead feat. Stretch / 2Pac

  • published in 2Pac’s Greatest Hits (1998, Death Row). This is a tribute to Biggy Smallz aka DRIC, close friend to 2Pac and Stretch who died at this time. Maybe because of him, Biggie took the name of The Notorious B.I.G., instead of his first pseudonym. 

6. Nothin 2 Lose feat. Y.N.V. (chorus) / Live Squad

  • published in “R U Still Down” (1997, Amaru, Interscope) without major changes.

7. I’m Losin’ It feat. Big Syke & Spice 1 / ?

  • Remixed in R U Still Down (1997, Amaru).

8. Fuck All Y’All / ?

  • Remixed in R U Still Down (1997, Amaru).

9. Fake Ass Bitches feat. Rated R / ?

  • Remixed in R U Still Down (1997, Amaru).U can hear it in the “Thug 4 Life” tour. Pac may have written and recorded it as a model for Yanni, female rapper close to Big Syke and eventually supposed to be part of Thug Life. That’s why there is also a Yanni version. Maybe Yanni wrote the text and Pac show her how to rap like he probably did with the “Po’ Nigga Blues” of The Govenor.
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10. When I Get Free I [version II] / Johnny J

  • Did 2Pac record a second version of this text after the one with the “Souljah” voice, maybe before rewriting the text for When I Get Free II, or is it just a recent mix with pitched voice ?

11. Where Do We Go From Here (Interlude) / Tony Pizarro

  • published in R U Still Down (1997, Amaru).

12. Runnin’ [version III] feat. Dramacydal, Stretch, The Notorious B.I.G. & Lil’Vicious / Easy Mo Bee

  • Same Pac’s lyrics as version II ; Lil’Vicious album came out in 1994 so we think this version has been produced during this or just after, maybe for Lil’Vicious, maybe for Thug Life or Me Against The World (version II is supposed to be a MATW leftover track).

13. I Get Around [remix] feat. Digital Underground / Shock G

  • from I Get Around 12” (1993, Interscope). Long version from the remix.

14. Hurts The Most feat. Stretch & Mopreme / ?

  • Recorded beginning 1994 (written 1994 on It could be on Americaz Crucify.

15. Out The Gutta (by Thug Life) / ?

  • It’s the name of the sub-label where is published Thug Life volume 1 and Me Against The World.

16. Hold On Be Strong feat. Stretch (backs) / ?

  • Remixed in R U Still Down (1997, Amaru).

Bonus Tracks :

17. Papa’z Song feat. Mopreme [vibe tribe remix] /

  • from Papa’z Song 12” (1994, Interscope).

18. Keep Ya Head Up [vibe tribe remix] /

  • from Keep Ya Head Up 12” (1993, Interscope).
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