1993-06-06 / Tupac Shakur Signed Malibu Grand Pix Virage Racing License

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On June 06, 1993, Tupac Shakur was already one of the most popular figures in entertainment, starring in films with Janet Jackson and releasing his second critically acclaimed studio album. But with all the trappings of fame and fortune, coupled with his dangerous lifestyle, Tupac needed a diversion. Enter the Malibu Grand Prix, a popular go-kart racing and entertainment center at the time. Tupac was evidently a big fan, as he was issued this Malibu Grand Prix Virage Racing License on June 6th, 1993.

Tupac, who is wearing a backwards white snapback cap and his trademark nose stud. Tupac has signed this license in black ballpoint pen, writing “Thug Life” in all capital letters beneath his signature.

There was also a Malibu Grand Prix in Oakland immediately south of the Coliseum from the 1970s through the mid-1990s. The facility was closed and demolished and the site is now an overflow parking lot for the Coliseum.

Source: goldinauctions.com

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