Collection of Tupac Shakur Photos Featuring a Graphic Nude Photograph

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An unpublished nude photo of the late rapper Tupac Shakur is currently up for auction. The auction house Gotta Have Rock and Roll has a nude picture, which shows 2Pac revealing his penis. The rapper’s ex-girlfriend, who chose to remain anonymous, was the one who captured the image.

A collection of Tupac Shakur original photographs and negatives featuring a graphic nude photograph of Tupac. Taken at a house party in Marin, California in 1990, the story behind the nude photograph is that Tupac would, on occasion, drop his pants when least expected and catch his friends by surprise, Prints4sure. On this particular night, when a friend was about to take a group shot, he did it again! She told him that she was going to zoom in if he didn’t pull his pants up fast, but he just smiled at her and didn’t budge. And so, she took the picture! The collection includes a total of six prints and eight negatives. The print showing Tupac nude, and the print showing him just before that photo was taken (the photo of him in the middle with two women, one on either side of him), have negatives that are part of the eight negatives offered here. Minimum Bid: $15,000

Tupac Shakur 1990 Original Photographs and Negatives Featuring a Nude Photograph of Tupac, source:

Ed Kosinski, co-owner of Gotta Have Rock and Roll said: “I’m pretty excited for many reasons, it’s the biggest and most important collection of Tupac material ever to come up for auction. “We have handwritten letters and lyrics, unreleased recordings no one has ever heard, to jewellery, his death certificate and more, we have a tremendous amount of Tupac material. “We also have Tupac’s only nude photograph with copyright too, then many other incredible items. “We have contracts that Tupac had to sign in prison to personal letters sent to a girlfriend while he was in prison.

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