Evil Mind Gangsta’s – All Hell Breakin’ Loose [1992] [CD]

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Syke: ”I made the Evil Mind Gangsta’s album in 92, actually it was a tape at the time, which was sold out the back of my car. I formed the Evil Mind Gangsta’s with Mental Illness (RIP), Domino, my homeboy Surge, my little brother DJ Chainsaw, and Big Kato (RIP), who helps me to fund the project.

We grew up on 115th Street, it was our neighborhood and 117th Street is where the enemies are. The 115th Street or better known as Evil Mind 11-5. That is where the name of the group comes from.”

  • The Imperial Village Crips (IVC) aka Inglewood Village Crips are one of the oldest crip gangs in the city of Inglewood. IVC are known to congregate in apartment complexes, between 115th Street and Imperial Hwy.


  1. Intro
    Lyrics – Syke
    Producers – Charlie Mac & Syke
  2. Livin On The Edge
    Lyrics – Syke, Domino, Mental
    Producers – Johnny ‘J’, Syke
  3. Get It Strait
    Lyrics – Syke
    Producers – Johnny ‘J’, Syke
  4. Got To Get Paid
    Lyrics – Syke
    Producer – Johnny ‘J’
  5. I’m That Nigga
    Lyrics – Domino
    Producers – Charlie Mac & Syke
  6. Not My Girl
    Lyrics – Syke
    Producer – Charlie Mac & Syke
  7. Riden A Double Murda Beef
    Lyrics – Syke & Mental
    Producer – Johnny ‘J’
  8. I Wish U Would –
    Lyrics – Syke
    Producers – Johnny ‘J’, Syke
  9. N Misery
    Lyrics – Mental
    Producers – Johnny ‘J’, Sexx
  10. What Else Can A Nigga Do
    Lyrics – Syke
    Producer – Johnny ‘J’
  11. Evil Mind
    Lyrics – Syke, Domino, Mental
    Producer – Charlie Mac
  12. U Tripin Bitch
    Lyrics – Syke, Mental & Domino
    Producers – Johnny ‘J’, Sexx
  13. All Hell Breakin Loose
    Lyrics – Syke, Mental & Domino
    Producers – Johnny ‘J’, Syke

Executive Producer: T. Himes
Produced by Syke for Syco Music
Produced by Johnny ‘J’ for Shade Tree Productions
Produced by Charlie Mac for Unmistakeable Productions

All songs recorded and mixed at Echo Sound by Bob Moris
All songs mastered by Brian (Big Bass) Gardner at Bernie
Grundman Mastering, Hollywood California

Syke: ”Would like to thank God first, without him nothing would be
possible, Moms an Pops for putting up with me when i was caught
in the madness. My Sisters an Brothers for always pointing me in
the right direction, much love goes out to my main Motha Fucin
Nigga’s: Bucc, Chop, Manook, Snac, Lemac, Kaytoe’s, Serg-Mac,
Sad Dog, HB, Tone, Herm, and Ran Ran for tellin a Nigga to stay
motovated, an thanks to all my people thats been down with me
from the start an to the Motha Fuca’s that thought it wasn’t comín!
Boom Boom On Yo Black Ass Bitch FUCK ALL YAH”

Special thanks goes out to
my Funky Gangsta’s Trac Making Nigga’s, Johnny ‘J’, Charlie, Mac,
thanks for being there.

Special thanks to
Gayle Elliot, Melton Printing, Sexx, 213 310, Peddro, Fila Al,
an my homies from the vill.

This album is dedicated to the memory of
Neicy T, Big Chip, Tinker, Dollar, Mister, Sheek, Ghost, Sike.

Organize Records (310)671-6675
P.O. Box 1591
Gardena California, 90249

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