2Pac – ”Me Against the World” [Official Album], March 14, 1995

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2Pac – ”Me Against the World” [Official Album], March 14, 1995

Me Against the World Cover Front
Me Against the World Cover Front

Tracklist & Producers: 

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01 – Intro – Producer (Tony Pizarro, Jill Rose)
02 – If I Die 2nite – Producer (Easy Mo Bee)
03 – Me Against The World – feat.(Dramacydal);- Producer (Soulshock and Karlin)
04 – So Many Tears – Producer (D-Flizno Production Squad (Shock G & Stretch)
05 – Temptations – Producer (Easy Mo Bee)
06 – Young Niggaz – Producer (Moe Z.M.D.)
07 – Heavy In The Game – feat. (Richie Rich); Producer (Mike Mosley, Sam Bostic)
08 – Lord Knows – Producer (Brian G, Moe Z.M.D., Tony Pizarro)
09 – Dear Mama – Producer (Tony Pizarro, DF Master Tee & Moses)
10 – It Ain’t Easy – Producer (Tony Pizarro)
11 – Can U Get Away – Producer (Mike Mosley)
12 – Old School – Producer (Soulshock, Jay-B, Ezi Cut)
13 – Fuck The World – Producer (Shock G)
14 – Death Around The Corner – Producer (Johnny “J”)
15 – Outlaw – feat.(Dramacydal); Producer (Moe Z.M.D.)

Released : March 14, 1995 on Interscope Records
Re-released : 1998 on Amaru/Jive
Highest Chart Position : #1 R&B, #1 Pop
Certified : Gold April 26, 1995; Platinum Aptril 26, 1995; Platinum December 6, 1995, 3x Platinum
Recorded : 1993 – 1994
Length : 65:57
Label : Out Da Gutta Records/Interscope
Producers: Easy Mo Bee, Johnny “J”, SoulShock, Tony Pizarro, Moe Z.M.D., Mike Mosley, Stretch, Shock G

Singles :

Dear Mama” – Released: February 21, 1995
So Many Tears” – Released: June 13, 1995
Temptations” – Released: August 29, 1995

Review : 

Perhaps as a result of these circumstances, Me Against the World has become known to many as the most incendiary of Shakur’s releases, expressing an intensely personal mix of emotions and reactions to the events of his life.

In one particular review it was said that Tupac’s uncovered and raw humanity created a flow of inspiration and vibes through all who heard the album, and that it is a remarkable and somewhat insightful musical achievement.

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Many believe this album to be the pinnacle of gangster rap albums. 2Pac was deep into marijuana during this period and the album reflects that with messages of paranoia such as ‘If I Die 2Nite‘ and ‘Death Around the Corner‘. On top of the paranoia, the references to organized crime (‘Heavy in The Game‘, the real nihilistic apathy towards the world (‘Fuck the World‘) and especially the reflection on the reprecussions of violence (‘So Many Tearz‘) were a great contrast to the cartoonish thug rap albums of the time. This was unlike any other ‘Gangster Rap’ CD, as it went deep into the meaning of many subjects and also contained several emotional rhymes (‘Dear Mama‘) and personal reflections (‘It Aint Easy‘). It didn’t glorify the lifestyle but brought positive encouragement for people to seek a better lifestyle (‘Young Niggaz‘). Many other gangster rap artists have since failed trying to duplicate the emotional depth and realness of this album.

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