One Tragic Story of Robert ”Yummy” Sandifer

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In September 19, 1994 Time Magazine covered the story about a Robert “Yummy” Sandifer (11 year old child gang member) who is coerced by older gang members into committing a string of murders. He also committed other felonious crimes. Yummy is then killed by the older gang members in order to silence him before the authorities could find out who sent ‘Yummy’ on those murder missions. The storylines used in the movie are based on true events.

''Time'' magazine cover
”TIME” magazine / September, 1994

Who’s Robert “Yummy” Sandifer?

Robert “Yummy” Sandifer (March 12, 1983 — September 1, 1994) was an American street gang member from Chicago, Illinois. Sandifer’s murder by fellow gang members in Chicago garnered national attention, resulting in him appearing on the cover of TIME magazine in September 1994. Nicknamed Yummy because of his love of cookies, standing 4’6 Sandifer was a young member of the street gang the Black Disciples (BD). After committing murder, arson and armed robbery, he was murdered by fellow gang members who feared he could become an informant, and that he was attracting too much attention towards their activities. / Wikipedia

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Tupac & Robert “Yummy” Sandifer

Tupac Talk About ”Yummy” in Phone Conversation with Sanyika Shakur, 1995 

Tupac Start Talk About Yummy (7.40 min) (“I went out there. They be looking out for me,” he said.The one set want me to be down with them. The Black Stones want me to be with them. GDs be with them. I had a run in with them in Milwaukee. Cause that was when that little kid died. Yummy Sandifer. I had did a show the next day after they killed that kid. Cause you heard what happened, right? They executed him. I was out there when I did the show. The gang was in the fucking audience.

The whole gang has bought out the stadium. So I’m rapping to the niggas that just killed this kid. And they all screaming out “thug life!” I felt bad like they got it twisted. So I start cursing them niggas out. “Y’all niggas cowards. Y’all killed that kid. Y’all niggas is punks. I hate all you niggas.” Them niggas start throwing shit We had a shootout in the stadium. It was tough man. The whole gang tore up the whole neighborhood.

“Then I started getting letters from that area with all the mothers, the girls was like ‘thank you for doing that cause everybody scared of these n-ggas,’” he continued. “That’s what I wanna do. If these gang n-ggas ain’t gon get straight then I want to take em out the game. Cause if they don’t, it’s gon make it tougher on us.”

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Tupac made frequent mention of Harlins in his songs, including tracks like:

White Man’z World
“Rest in peace to Latasha, Lil’ Yummy, and Kato“

Young Niggaz
”I wanna dedicate this one to Robert ‘Yummy’ Sandifer and all other lil’ young niggaz that’s in a rush to be gangstas”

Tupac dedicate the songs “Shorty Wanna Be Thug” to Yummy

More info

In the ruthless of America, the suburban world that democracy and pardon of the peoples its own flag, there are submerged activities that force us to addendum. The hip-hop draws from this tank in front the coming on of times, and it is perhaps thanks to it that the pendulum of the common consciousness, at era, was adept to alternating the mannerism they should.

Unfortunately, however, this does not happen often plenty, and the depressed financial credit that we’a propos going to proclaim you today, even immortalized in most tragic aspects to some historians and storytellers of the black charity (including a giant as soon as Tupac), abundantly it represents the drama of custom.

We are in Chicago in the forward 80s and the bond of Lorina Sandifer and Robert Atkins, Robert comes to spacious.

At the times of the birth of the infant, his father was in prison behind than a computer graphics sentence, even if Lorina was known in the neighborhood where he lived to be a pubescent beat, moreover a full of animatronics curriculum of arrests (on pinnacle of 30), the majority of them connected to drug dealing in the infamous South Side of the “Windy City”, in Roseland.

How many auxiliary American realism, Roseland began its lineage to hell in the 60’s, later the economic decrease led to the closure of factories that occupied most of the population, position away disarray tens of thousands of families, 80% color.

Poverty soon opened the doors to swear and, in 1983 – the year of birth of Robert Sandifer – the rate of murders, robberies and various types of abuse was at its all-epoch high.

Abandoned to his fate behind he was yet in diapers, the tiny Robert experienced a traumatic childhood: transferred to 3 years by social facilities at the house of his maternal grandmother, she lived in a disordered quality, piled in a little in flames following an unpretentious’ new twenty kids hapless his age, in try of fact orphans of the fundamental presence of held responsible parents; in that period, essentially, the little boy began to manifest the leaving of authority, and even the grandmother – not too cautious, to be honest – he managed to trap him from committing his first crime, which at the period consisted of stealing cars and rob apartments.

Robert was appropriately transferred gone again, this grow antique at the shelter Lawrence Hall DCFS the North Side of Chicago, but did not stay long: in 1993, without help 10 years pass, he granted to escape, vivacious by their wits.

Despite his nickname was “Yummy” – an onomatopoeic form to describe his be crazy very more or less for cookies – Robert was literally a ruthless killer in the body of an infant: recruited by the Black Disciples of David Barksdale (founder of the gang, died of natural causes in 1974), was noted by the local police for 23 offenses, benefit 5 more youngster offenses. Because of his teenager age, any arbitrator called in this area to regard as beast it was found gone his hands tied, not monster competent to ensure no prison, even young people person person.

Put usefully, in the stars and stripes justice system had not provided for a setting once him.

As has already happened to have said several period in our section for this type of figures, Robert was not going to last: if a 10 year out of date-fashioned child, instead of playing next his peers at the park, possesses a firearm and spends his times outfit robberies as regards behalf of a gang, it means that not on your own the social policy of a come clean, but the sum of self-sacrifice – and his controversial mannerism of conceiving its ecosystem – has failed miserably.

The August 28, 1994, a daylight later any added, Robert took to the streets as soon as the pleasant enough, anguished aspiration of who has nothing to lose. After aimless the streets of his neighborhood for a though ‘, the child walked to a small park in the place, where some boys were playing football. It was subsequently that pulled out his 9mm and acid it toward the work, perhaps to fulfill a rite of opening into crime, as has been suggested sophisticated, or maybe just to manage to pay for pardon to its most sadistic and ruthless streak.

One of the bullets ablaze from his gun, though, hit and accidentally killed Shavon Dean, a woman of only 14 years, that had nothing to realize taking into account the world of petty crime.

The death of Shavon suddenly became a national situation which took message of every pension of the major networks and the most when ease-known American newspapers, and the police went previously happening to acquire as regards the subject of the trail of quell’irrequieto boy who had already make a make a buy of of know every too ably.

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The Black Disciples, however, did not stay to watch.

Do not know who made the decision to refrain from circulation Robert, but the motive is easily reached intuition: to come its eventual occupy and arrest for a crime as a upshot huge he could direction it into an uncomfortable informant, he could not disclose the fate an army of minor soldiers depended on the order of the underworld moral integrity of a 11 year primordial boy. It became as a consequences necessary to habitat the situation in the on your own mannerism known to those subjects: the murder.

On 31 August, now hunted by agents, Robert Sandifer was approached by Cree and Derrick Hardaway, aged 16 and 14, who when Robert shared a rout street computer graphics. With the defense to believe him to a attach place, the brothers said Hardaway to the small boarding of a car, which was waiting for him in the area. Unfortunately for him, however, in that car were waiting for the killers of Black Disciples, which they loaded Robert and took him stuffy a tunnel, dismantled today, inside which made him kneel, back killing him in cool blood by two shots gun, both the neck. Police discovered the lifeless body the behind hours of daylight, at arrival upon 1 September.

Robert’s funeral, held at the Youth Center Church of God in Christ, in the Northwest Side of Chicago, showed a crowd of roughly 450 people: Robert had become nimbly-known for the murder of Shavon Dean, and his fame had been made more sinister and “inviting” in the public eye because of his minor person age at the time of death, 11 years and a half.

“I am here to comport yourself my nephew what if you associated a gang,” said a woman to reporters of The New York Times, the daylight of the last reaction to Robert. “There is a child in that coffin and got fearful for that reason much for my”.

“A child considering Robert Sandifer was irritating desperately someone to lead him,” he explained to the Times Paul Mones, a California lawyer specializing in the gloss of children accused of murder. “It ‘was left alone, and this type of behavior by households and the confess is tantamount to playing following blaze. We conscious in a country that spends billions of dollars for the keep of prisoners, but for the education of our children is investing just peanuts “.

A few weeks after the murder of Robert, Time Magazine chose his cup shot – one of his on your own known photo – for the lid of the issue. On a black background, along in the midst of red, dark approach of Robert he dominated the center of the page, and the title included the as well as than words:

“The quick and violent vibrancy of Robert ‘Yummy’ Sandifer: too youngster to slay, too young to die.” / Source:

Yummy was simply too young.

Documentarian Andrew Jones investigates the aftermath of the murder of 11-year-old Robert Sandifer, who had been accused of killing 9-year-old Shavon Dean in their gang-infested Roseland neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago. Two brothers, Cragg and Derrick Hardaway, were arrested for the murder of Sandifer. Jones talks to family and friends about the tragedy of two murders of teenagers and how it reflects on our society.

All of the unedited camera original footage is also available to watch for free on

The Robert “Yummy” Sandifer Story Movie Trailer

The Robert “Yummy” Sandifer Story is part 1 of 12 a current production series Chicago Chronicles.In 1994 Time Magazine covered the story about a 11 year old child (gang member) who is coerced by older gang members into committing felonious crimes and supposedly murder. Yummy is then killed by the older gang members in order to silence him before the authorities could find out who sent ‘Yummy’ on those murder missions. The story lines used in the movie are based on true events.Nicknamed Yummy because of his love of junk food, Sandifer was a young member of the street gang the Black Disciples. After committing murder, arson and armed robbery, he was executed by fellow gang members Cragg and Derrick Hardaway.Yummy is presented in this film as a ghost who haunts the son of Cragg Hardaway (Cragg Jr) an reveals secrets about his life an murder to Cragg Jr through his dreams.He warns Cragg Jr as he reveals stories of his life and others in the “Chicago Chronicles” series.

We will always remember you, Yummy!!!

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