The Beefs – Tupac Vs. ?

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Tupac & Biggie
Tupac & Biggie

Biggie Smalls aka Notorious B.I.G.

Tupac and Biggie were actually once friends, believe it or not. Before Biggie was famous Tupac used to let Biggie rap with him at concerts and gave him the start that he needed in the rap game, he even bought Biggie his first Rolex! Just before Pac was in shot ’94 B.I.G. said that the company ‘pac was keepin weren’t cool. These guys were King Tut and Jacques Agnant aka Haitian Jack, who were members of the Black Mafia which supposedly financed Bad Boy Records. Biggie said he’d talk to ‘pac later, which never happened. The next time Tupac saw him was when he was shot. When Tupac was in jail he was told how it was Biggie’s home boy who got him shot and Tupac stated this, but never actually said Biggie was responsible for the shooting. He thought Biggie held back info on the shooting. When ‘pac was in jail Biggie released an album which was exactly like Tupac’s so he had to re-write his. By now Tupac was really pissed with him, as Biggie was also rapping about his clothes, jewelery, parties and a live style he didnt have, Tupac knew he was rapping about his life. Tupac released many lyrics, humiliating and denouncing Biggie, a vicious attack on him and Bad Boy with ‘Hit Em Up‘, and claimed he slept with Biggies wife, Faith Evans.

tupac and puff daddyPuff Daddy

Sean Combs, or Puffy, is the owner of Bad Boy Records. He approached Tupac in a bid to sign him to Bad Boy in 1994, Tupac declined the offer.

Tupac then signed for DeathRow records, run by Puffy’s arch enemy Suge Knight. Because of this, and the fact Bad Boy are reportedly funded by the Black Mafia, and that Sean Combs was also in the studio in NY where Tupac was shot, it is thought Tupac was shot because of this declination. Tupac was shot and robbed in the entrance of the building and then got himself into the elevator. He went up to the floor where everybody was partying. Tupac said that Puffy looked shocked when he saw Tupac, as if he had seen a ghost. Tupac thought that Puffy also knew about the set up and was angry because Puffy denied it. While Tupac was in jail, Puffy wanted to make peace with him by sending him a letter, giving him props like “Hey Pac, keep your struggle on”, when Tupac was released, he immediately began to diss Puffy. Aslo Tupac saw Puffy as a fake, he wasnt a Gangster, he didn’t write his own lyrics, his flow was weak, his beats were ripped, but he portrayed the opposite to the public!

mobb deepMobb Deep

Whilst in jail Tupac did an interview with Vibe where he claimed that Thug Life was dead and that he was giving it up. Mobb Deep felt as if they were tough enough to represent it, and in a song called “Survival of the Fittest”, they rapped about Tupac’s notorious Thug Life: “Thug Life we still livin it…”. Tupac didnt like this and sent homies to taunt Mobb Deep at a concert.

According to Tupac the duo were so scared they did everything they could to avoid a conflict. When Tupac was bailed out, he started to take shots at them publicly, again in songs such as “Hit Em Up” and in interviews with big radio stations. Tupac called them little kids and said that they were not on his level. But they had the courage to retaliate on their song “Drop a Gem on Em”. They are the only ones who dissed him in public, although the album the song was on came out after Tupac’s death. They have also taken to disrespectfully dissing 2pac again, well after his demise, to which Fatal of Tupac’s group, the Outlawz has retaliated too in Tupac’s defence.

Cynthia Delores Tucker tupacCynthia Delores Tucker

Miss C. DeLores Tucker was a U.S. politician and civil rights activist best known for her participation in the Civil Rights Movement and stance against gangsta rap music. Miss Tucker wanted Rap to not only be censored, but banned altogether. Tupac addresses her on the track “How Do U Want It?” on the album All Eyez On Me rapping ” C.DeLores Tucker you’s a motherfucker / Instead of trying to help a nigga you destroy a brother”. Tupac also disses her on the track ‘Wonda Why they Call u Bitch‘, again from his ‘All Eyez On Me’ album, saying “Dear Ms. DeLores Tucker,…., I figured you wanted to know, you know, why we call them hoes bitches,and maybe this might help you understand, it ain’t personal,strictly business baby, strictly business!” Tucker filed a $10 million lawsuit after Tupac had died agianst his estate, claiming the songs “ruined her sex life”, inflicted emotional distress, and that the were slanderous and invaded her privacy. This case was eventually dismissed. Tucker later went on to serve in the Advisory Board of the Parents Television Council until her death in 2005.

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tupac and dr dreDr. Dre

When Snoop Dogg was on trial for murder a witnesses in the trial said Dr. Dre was in the car, if he had appeared at court he could have testified, but instead he said that he was too busy. This pissed ‘pac off because he thought that Dre wasn’t showing his homeboy Snoop, and the Death Row camp, loyalty. Tupac also didnt like the way Dre because he was earning stacks from Death Row for doing nothing, since ‘The Chronic’. He disses Dre in many songs after Dre left Death Row, even questioning his sexuality, in the song “To Live & Die In L.A.” 2Pac claims that Dr Dre is homosexual and he does the same in “Toss It Up“. Tupac also dissed Dre for been a Gangster one minute, and not the next. In “Toss It Up” Tupac takes big digs at Dr Dre saying; “”No longer dre day, arrive derche, long and forgotten, gotten for plottin-child’s play, check your sexuality, as fruity as this alize quick to jump ship, punk trick, what a dumb move cross Death Row, now who you gonna run to? Like those other suckers cuz you similar, pretendin to be hard-oh my god-check your temperature, screamin Compton, but you can’t return, you ain’t heard brothas pissed cuz you switched and escaped to the burbs”. Tupac also claimed that Dr Dre cheated on his wife, “What’s down in the darkness, will come to light”. Despite all this Dr Dre still paid tribute to ‘pac in 2000 during ‘The Up In Smoke Tour’, saying that it was a pleasure to work alongside 2Pac.

nas tupacNas

Due to faults of his own, rapper Nas got caught up in the East vs Westcoast beef. Which of course Tupac wouldn’t of liked as it initially had nothing to do with Nas. Tupac and Nas met each other at the House of Blues, where Tupac and Nas talked about this whole beef situation. Tupac told Nas that he was in no way involved and that he should not get caught up in it because he and Death Row had nothing but love for him. But then, Tupac listened to Nas’ songs and he remarked that there was a song, “The Message”, in which Nas was talking about fake thugs and it sounded as if Nas was talking about Tupac. Nas also liked to talk a lot about Thug Life after Pac introduced it to the whole world, which pissed Tupac off because he was the man to represent it. Tupac accused Nas of biting his style and stealing his life for his songs. Nas even has a tattoo in the same place of Tupac’s Thug Life tattoo, and wore no shirt and his bandana in a similar way to pac in the video for ‘Hate Me Now’. Tupac dissed Nas on songs like “Against all Odds” and in interviews, such as the interview about Death Row East. But after Tupac’s death Nas claimed they squashed their beef, which issupported by the Outlawz, and Nas even featured on ‘Thugz Mansion‘ on Tupac’s posthumus album ‘Better Dayz’.

Chino XLChino XL

This all started when a small time New Jersey rapper, Chino XL, followed on from rumours, started by Wendy Williams, of Tupac been raped in jail. He says on his track ‘Riiot!’: “I’m trying not to get fucked like 2Pac in jail.” In a radio interview Tupac addressed him stating, “Off the air, I’m gonna beat this niggaz ass”, and also on the song ‘Hit Em Up‘ with “Chino XL, Fuck You Too!” Chino responded in some songs, including a several minute long freestyle on a New York radio. In my opinion Chino XL first said what he did to get his name known in the rap game, by dissing the biggest artist in it, Tupac. We all no beef can make you famous and sells records. After Tupac’s demise Chino stated: “I got a chance to see him on Venice Beach one time right before he passed and I let him know that if I would have known my lyrics would have upset him like that, I would have never said it. I mean I was a fan of his like everybody else was. Everything was straight though and The Outlawz are my peeps from Jersey so it was all peace.

LL Cool JLL Cool J

Tupac admired LL and even gave him a shout out on his song “Old School” in which ‘pac praises all the rappers that influenced him, and who helped rap. But it seems LL didn’t seem to be pleased with the whole Tupac situation and recorded a remix of his song “I Shot Ya”, which brings to mind a song by Notorious BIG called “Who Shot Ya“. Tupac thought this song was about him being shot in New York. Tupac retaliated in tracks like “My Little Homies“, saying “Say what nigga, I rock your motherfucking bells”, referring to LL’s song “I Rock The Bell”. The song was only released after pac’s death though! But still, like many rappers Tupac beefed with, LL took shots at him after he had passed away. On LL’s album “Phenomenon”, he says: “She says she loves Tupac but hates LL. Do you really want a Thug or do you want love”, not too distastefull, but in our view this is still dissing Tupac when he can no longer defend himself!

jay z tupacJay Z

Unlike his Tupac’s beef with Nas, which was mutually ended before Tupac’s demise, this is a beef that was ongoing until Tupac died. Yet still Jay-Z wanted his piece of pac’s fame, by featuring on pac’s posthumus release ‘Better Dayz‘, which was going ahead until the rumours started by him, were quashed! Jay-Z was the first to diss Tupac when he released the track titled “Brooklyn’s finest” (alongside The Notorious B.I.G.). Jay-Z had a close relationship with Bad-Boy and with Mobb Deep. As a retaliation, 2Pac released “Bomb First (My Second Reply)” on his ‘Makaveli: The 7 Day Theory‘ album, dissing Jay-Z among others. Since Tupacs demise, various members of The Outlawz have continued this beef in some tracks, proving pac still had beef with Jay-Z until his death, and that as a result Jay-Z should never have been considered for ‘Better Dayz‘.

Wendy Williams tupacWendy Williams

Williams started a rumor that Tupac was raped while he was in jail and he was all too willing to respond in “Why U Turn On Me.” ‘Pac was never one to hold his tongue. The lyrics are super explicit so we’ll refrain from quoting, but ‘Pac basically sent a big F you to Williams and called her fat. Rape accusations are serious and ‘Pac took his diss against her just as serious.

Why U Turn On Me” : …”Said I got raped in jail, picture that? {*laughter*}
Revenge is a payback bitch, get your gat
Fuck {Wendy Williams} and I pray you choke
On the next dick down your throat, for turnin’ on me…”

”…I put Jenny Craig on your fat ass, you fat troll
Anybody ever seen {Wendy Williams} fat ass?….”

Haitian Jack & TupacHaitian Jack

In the song released after his death called “Against All Odds“, Tupac tells the story of “a snitch named Haitian Jack”. The song says Jack is stocky, light skinned and has a Haitian accent, all of which describes Agnant. Agnant is on probabtion after pleading guilty to sexual misconduct in a 1994 incident in which Tupac was convicted of sexual abuse of a woman who came to his hotel room. Tupac believed Agnant made a deal with prosecutors at the rapper’s expense.


Tupac said they just dissin’ you on the air on MTV. he said they didn’t personally dissed the west coast, but when he started saying California Love, and someone asked them about that, they said that’s not true, cause East Side is the best side. He said he seen them too. And they was talkin’ about how much they respect him and love him, but he HATE THAT, because he be serious. Tupac dissed them in the unreleased song called “When We Ride On Our Enemies” He said:
Heard the Fuggees was tryin’ to do me, look bitch I got yo fate, this ain’t no muthafuckin’ movie… then we watch the other 2 die slow, castrated, entertainin’ at my muthafuckin’ side show…”

We he says he let them know this ain’t no movie, he was talking about their video for “Killing Me Softly“, where they are filming at a movie theatre.

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