Young Niggaz

2Pac – „Young Niggaz“ Sampled Of „She’s Strange“ by Cameo

The Me Against The World’s Song 2Pac - „Young Niggaz“ Was Sampled Of „She’s Strange“ by Cameo. Produced by Moe Z.M.D..

One Tragic Story of Robert ”Yummy” Sandifer

In September 19, 1994 Time Magazine covered the story about a Robert "Yummy" Sandifer (11 year old child gang member) who is coerced by older gang members into committing a string of murders....

06. 2Pac – Young Niggaz – Me Against The World

2Pac - Young Niggaz Producer : Moe Z.M.D. Lyrics : I wanna dedicate this one to Robert 'Yummy' Sanderford and all other lil' young niggaz that's in a rush to be gangstas As a young nigga, I'm almost...

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