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Who is Big Kato & Mental illness?

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Kato (Big Kato) was Big Syke’s best friend and helped fund Big Syke’s earlier rap group, ”Evil Mind Gangstas”, back when Big Syke was known as Little Psycho. In 1990 Big Syke found ”Evil Mind Gangstas” with rappers Domino and Mental illness (best Kato’s friend).

Big Syke: ”My Nigga 2Pac Nigga The Hood Nigga,,,, Big Kato T.I.P !!”

Big Syke met Tupac in 1992, after release Evil Mind Gangstas – All Hell Breakin’ Loose Album and they created Thug Life’s group. Big Syke introduced Kato and Mental to Tupac.

Evil Mind Gangstas – All Hell Breakin’ Loose

In several of Tupac’s songs, he says, “Remember Kato.” “Big Kato was like my brother,” Syke said. “He got killed for my car. It had Dayton rims–they cost twenty-five hundred dollars. They killed him for it.” It happend in Detroit.

Kato also can be seen in the ”Gotta  Get Mine” video

Mental Illness (Rare Photo posted by Big Syke / Instagram)

, another rapper with whom Tupac became friendly through Syke, was also killed; and Syke’s brother killed himself. (“I guess from the stress,” Syke said.)

Tupac’s songs which mention Kato and Mental:

How Long Will They Mourn Me
”Yeah! This for my nigga Kato, it’s still on nigga – believe that”
” How long.. will they mourn.. my brother
(This for my nigga Kato, and all his kids)”

”We know life’s a fuckin’ trip, and everybody gotta go
But why the fuck it have to be my nigga Kato?”

So Many Tears
”Be the first to blast Remember Kato
No longer with us; he’s deceased
Call on the sirens, seen him murdered in the streets, now rest in peace”

Ready for whatever
”My nigga Kato, ready for whatever”

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Only Fear of Death
”This is dedicated to Mental, R.I.P
And Big Kato, R.I.P.”

Where Do We Go From Here (Interlude)
”Rest in peace, to Kato, I miss you

Ballad of a Dead Soulja
”This go out to Kato, Mental’

Life Goes On
”Hey Kato, Mental, y’all niggas make sure it’s poppin’ when we get up there”

White Man’z World
”Rest in peace to Latasha, Lil’ Yummy, and Kato

Big Syke: ”My Nigga Big Kato on the right.. One of the Realest Niggaz i ever met! Still missing him!” / Instagram

DMX’s friend Kato

DMX also mentions Kato in his own songs, but he has nothing related Tupac’s friend Kato.

DMX said : First, he (Kato) was a friend to me. You know what I’m saying. He was a friend to my family. His wife, my wife friends. He’s a husband, father and CEO of Denaro Records. Record label out of Chicago, got a couple artists just got signed. Just got a deal. That was my dawg. Dawgs for life. Kato rest in peace.

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