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The Rape Case: Ayanna Jackson’s Story

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Ayanna Jackson’ Story

I am the young woman that was sexually assaulted by Tupac Shakur and his thugs. I’ve read Kevin Powell’s interview with Tupac [“Ready to Live,” April], in which I was misrepresented. Up until this point I have only told my story under oath in court; nobody has heard my story, only his side, which is much different than what Tupac stated is the true story.

A friend of mine took me to Nell’s, where he introduced me to [the men VIBE identified as] Nigel and Trevor, who later introduced me to their friend Tupac. When I first met Tupac, he kissed me on my cheek and made small talk with me. After a while, I excused myself and started to walk to the dance floor. When I felt someone slide their hands into the back pocket of my jeans, I turned around, assuming it was my friend, but was shocked when I discovered it was Tupac. We danced for a while, and he touched my face and his body brushed mine. Due to the small dance floor and the large number of people, we were shoved into a dark corner. Tupac pulled up his shirt, took my hand, traced it down his chest, and sat it on top of his erect penis. He then kissed me and pushed my head down on his penis, and in a brief three-second encounter, my lips touched the head of his penis.

Ayanna Jackson, 2pac’s accuser.

This happened so suddenly that once I realized what he was trying to do, I swiftly brought my head up. I must reiterate that I did not suck his penis on the dance floor. He pulled his shirt back down and asked me what I was doing later. I told him that I was going home because I had to go to work that day. Then, as people started surrounding him again, he grabbed my arm and said, “Let’s get out of here, I’m tired of people stressing me.” We exited Nell’s, got into a white BMW, pulled up at the Parker Meridien, and went to his suite. We conversed, and he rolled up some blunts. We started kissing, and then we had oral and vaginal sexual intercourse several times.

He called my house a couple nights later and gave me his SkyPager number and told me he wanted to see me tomorrow. That evening after work, I paged him, and his road manager called me back and informed me that Pac really wanted to see me but he had a show to do in Jersey, so I should call a car service and take it to the Meridien and he would pay for the cab. Once I got to the hotel, I met Charles Fuller for the first time; he paid for the cab and led me upstairs. Inside the suite, Tupac, Nigel, and Trevor were seated in the living room, smoking weed and drinking Absolut. Tupac told me to come in and pointed to the arm of the sofa near him, and I sat down. After about 20 minutes, Tupac took my hand and led me into a bedroom in the suite. He fell onto the bed and asked me to give him a massage. So I massaged his back, he turned around, and I started massaging his chest.

In this VladTV exclusive clip, Vlad sat down with Ayanna Jackson, a woman who accused 2Pac and his associates of rape in 1993.

Just as we began kissing, the door opened and I heard people entering. As I started to turn to see who it was, Tupac grabbed my head and told me, “Don’t move.” I looked down at him and he said, “Don’t worry, baby, these are my brothers and they ain’t going to hurt you. We do everything together.” I started to shake my head, “No, no, Pac, I came here to be with you. I came here to see you. I don’t want to do this.” I started to rise up off the bed but he brutally slammed my head down. My lips and face came crashing down hard onto his penis, he squeezed the back of my neck, and I started to gag. Tupac and Nigel held me down while Trevor forced his penis into my mouth. I felt hands tearing my shoes off, ripping my stockings and panties off. I couldn’t move; I felt paralyzed, trapped, and I started to black out. They leered at my body. “This bitch got a fat ass, she’s fine.” While they laughed and joked to one another, Nigel, Trevor, and Fuller held me in the room, trying to calm me down. They would not allow me to leave.

Finally, I got to the elevators, which had a panel of mirrors. Once I caught sight of myself, I sank down on the floor and started to cry. They came out, picked me up, and brought me back into the suite. Tupac was lying on the couch. In my mind I’m thinking, “This motherfucker just raped me, and he’s lying up here like a king acting as if nothing happened.” So I began crying hysterically and shouting, “How could you do this to me? I came here to see you. I can’t believe you did this to me.” Tupac replied, “I don’t have time for this shit. Get this bitch out of here.”

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

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The aforementioned is the true story. It was not a setup, and I never knew any of the thugs he was hanging with. Tupac knows exactly what he did to me. I admit I did not make the wisest decisions, but I did not deserve to be gang-raped.

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Patrick McCarron
March 11, 2019 5:18 pm

Tupac was a really evil man.  The more I read about how he caused a 6 year old to be killed, raped this woman, in the end he really got what he deserved.  He went looking for trouble and found it.

Jordan aka JDuB
Jordan aka JDuB
July 19, 2023 5:09 am

F**k u where u there patdick f***kin moron I bet ur mabe 22 or 23 and r gullible she wanted either money or frame and how about the next time u want 2 open ur big mouth think of everyone and put urself in their shoes and I’m guessing that ur a f***in Saint right go away and back to the hole u crawled out of troll

Last edited 2 months ago by 2PacLegacy
August 13, 2023 1:01 am

I always had my doubts about his innocence but after reading her stories and watching her retell the story, its obvious she not being honest about many details because her story changed. In the interview she says the guys that raped her introduced her to Tupac and in the video she says she met them through Tupac for the first time on the night they raped her. She says Fuller never touched her or entered the room in the video and she says Tupac was holding by her hair while she straddled him the entire time before he exited the room and the others took a turn. In the video she never mentions him slamming her face down to his penis or Tupac being in the room holding her down so his friend could rape her. She said he wasn’t in the room when they raped her. I can go on and on with her contradictions but it’s to many to bother. What makes her unbelievable even more is that she says she doesn’t remember most of the details now and it didn’t seem to bother her that the 2 other men she says raped her didn’t get jail time. The truth never changes. The only details of her stories that didn’t change are the details that correlate to Tupac and Fuller’s version of what happened. If she was telling the complete truth not one detail would change. For you to say he was a evil man without knowing the facts or even knowing him is ignorant judgment and evil of you to say he got what he deserved in the end. This woman’s body language and repeated contradictions in both stories individually and in comparison makes her look like the liar. If he was not doing time for her accusations, he would not have signed with Death Row or have been with Suge Knight behaving like a gangbanger the night he was murdered. Tupac was wrong for how he handled the entire Situation during and after the incident. She should have left her only with his so called friends that night and shouldn’t have dismissed it and her afterwards. He’s guilty for being making stupid decisions. And everyone knows it’s possible for a man to rap a woman but as a woman I know that any woman that is raped and immediately seeks justice will never forget exactly what happened. You come off very naive. No other woman has ever come forward with a similar accusation, only the complete opposite so take that into account and stop talking out of your ass.

September 8, 2023 9:54 am


August 20, 2019 6:30 am

Very sad

Sharon Mott
June 18, 2020 12:25 am

It is possible for a man to rape a woman. We all will never know the truth because we weren’t there. I want to believe that Tupac was a good man or innocent but the fact remains we will never know. Some of us get blinded by their fame and somehow come to think that they are incapable of the unspeakable but that isn’t the case. Michael Jackson was given children by their parents for money. They used their kids to get his money and their pain is on his hands just like its on the hands of their parents.

June 25, 2023 5:15 pm

She looks like she wanted to give him some… wanted to be noticed and wanted to f*** him… straight up groupie

Jordan aka JDuB
Jordan aka JDuB
July 19, 2023 4:57 am

WTF ur sitting next to all the (bad men) guys except for 1 that didn’t violated u. I think that u wanted 2 have fun with the crew. And I wouldn’t blame u, but everything u said in your interview doesn’t add up, now this is just what I think, that you wanted all of em and afterwards u thought wtf did I just do (and probably felt like a little slut) and thought fuck I can make some paper from this. O and FYI for ur next interview try not 2 have the I don’t know angers/ poop/ forgot,and u can tell ur trying 2 remember ur B.S I mean story anyone who has been through this they don’t forget a sec of something u claim as horrible as what allegedly did my mother is someone who was raped at 7 years old and she can remember every fucked up, so I honestly feel ur full of shit and what a shame ur a beautiful woman stop trying and doing interviews just my well 75 cents lol

July 24, 2023 8:45 pm

It’s very sad how that so-called happened to her if it really happened to her part of me feels it was all a set up from Nigel. She went along with that put everything on him. I could never see him wanting to be a part of that so we can wear. I didn’t even want to fucking bother with her. SHE IS NOT EVEN COLD LIKE THAT.. smh all gor money because she gave him neck

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