Kurt Kobane Denies Rumors That Suge Knight Wanted Tupac Dead

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Death Row producer and manager, Kurt Kobane, denied the rumors that Suge Knight wanted Tupac dead and also issued a statement on the claims that Suge Knight played an important role in the murder of the rap legend.

Kobane sat down for yet another face-to-face interview with the “Art of Dialogue” Youtube channel, where he had his say on numerous topics, including Biggie going to Vegas too soon, the beef between Johnny J and Pac, as well as the legendary artist’s relationship with American actress Lisa Raye.

Kurt Kobane started by clearing the air on the topic of Death Row founder, Suge Knight, supposedly being involved in the death of Tupac. The producer points out that a move like that would’ve been almost suicidal from a business standpoint, as no one could’ve really imagined that 2Pac’s music would sky-rocket in terms of value after his untimely demise. The former produced adds that he wouldn’t point a finger at Knight, considering his emotional state upon hearing the news about the rapper being murdered.

Kurt went on to explain an interesting story, regarding a trip to Cabo, in which Knight and Pac were involved in quite a dramatic scene. Kobane spoke about Pac almost drowning in the sea during a swim, when Suge was the man who rescued the great rapper from almost certain death.

Couthon believes that if Knight wanted Tupac dead then he wouldn’t have saved him from drowning only to send gunmen later to do the job. Kobane also revealed that Lisa Raye, who was part of the cast for the shooting of the music video to Tupac’s legendary hit “Toss it up” and later became a part of Death Row’s squad, which meant she was also part of the upper-mentioned trip to Cabo.

Kurt went on to speak about how he thought Biggie came far too early to Vegas after Tupac had been shot. The former manager reckons that The notorious B.I.G didn’t have a clue about the dynamics and volatilities that were erupting in the city, something that Couthon was quite familiar with, as admitted by himself. He also added that he was fond of Biggie and that both men had a steady, if not very intense relationship.

The former producer rounded things off by going back to the story of Death Row’s feud with Johnny J, which later turned into a feud between the latter and Tupac. Kobane recalls Death Row being unhappy with J using beats and pieces from older songs, which he would incorporate in his own tracks. Those actions meant that many wanted their fair share of the money upon the release of Johnny’s albums.

It’s no surprise how much insight Couthon can give considering that he was part of Pac and Death Row’s entourage for so many years.

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