Kurt Kobane Recalls Carrying Pac’s Bloody Jewelry to LA

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Curtis “Kurt Kobane” Couthon (Death Row Producer and Manager), a close friend of Tupac, lifts the lid on the aftermath of the great rapper’s death, how the people closest to him dealt with it and whatever happened to Pac’s famous euphanasia chain medallion. He sat down in a sincere talk on the “Art of Dialogue” Youtube channel, where he also sheds some light on how the last few hours of Pac’s life passed by.

Tupac's Euphanasia Medallion
Tupac’s Euphanasia Medallion

Kurt Kobane recalls him and other members of Death Row Records coming back to produced Suge Knight’s guest house where they would smoke just to deal with the events that had gone by and the loss of Pac. Knight had tried to lift the spirits of the group but Kobane recalls that he was struggling to find a way out of the situation.

Tupac's Euphanasia Medallion
Tupac’s Euphanasia Medallion

Kobane remembers that he was carrying a bag full of Tupac’s jewelry, where amongst others the euphanasia chain medallion was also to be found. Couthon says it was all covered in blood from the shooting. The bag also carried Tupac’s ashes. Kobane describes it as a surreal emotion – he had been together with Pac just a few days ago, who had been wearing the euthanasia chain, which was afterward covered in bloodstains.

Tupac's Bullet-Dented Pendant
Tupac’s Bullet-Dented Pendant

Towards the end of his tale, Kobane takes a look at the meeting at Shakur’s house afterward, at which Frank, the legendary rapper’s former bodyguard, explained his view of the shooting incident, insisting that the pattern of shooting would lead him to think it was a police officer who committed the shooting. Kobane admits that from the distance of time, the story sounds like a propaganda scheme, but it’s something that we’ll probably never be able to confirm or deny ourselves since there is so much uncertainty surrounding the matter at hand.  

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July 23, 2023 2:44 pm

That ain’t Pac’s chain… that’s a cheap ass replica. Do better.

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