Jada Pinkett Talks For Tupac & “California Love” Video Concept

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Jada Pinkett Talks For Tupac & “California Love” Video Concept

The friendship of Jada Pinkett Smith and Tupac Shakur started long ago when they were still teenagers and lasted until the very end of the life path of the great rap legend.

Pac met Jada Pinkett back in 1986 when he was enrolled to Baltimore School Of Arts and years later their friendship resisted the distance between them and all the trials of life.

Tupac & Jada Pinkett Smith image
Tupac & Jada Pinkett Smith

Besides their story, from Baltimore to letters in jail and poems, Jada Smith contributed to Pac’s creative process not just as an inspiration but as a producer to one of his most commercial hits ever, “California Love”. The anthem is a collaboration between Tupac and Dr. Dre.

Jada Pinkett Smith image
Jada Pinkett Smith

In a recently uploaded 1995 interview snippet with Jada, talks her friendship with the “Keep Ya Head Up” mastermind and reveals that she was behind the concept for the “California Love” video.

The interviewer asking Jada, if it is true that she came up with some of the ideas for the video and her answer is positive.

“Oh, yeah! I came up with the…well actually Dre, before Tupac was involved, Dre came to me and he, you know, he was like, “Look, I want you to direct this video” Jada said.

She continues: “I was like WOW, I heard the song and I was like – this song is slamming! So I came up with this futuristic idea”.

According to Mrs. Smith, back then she had some personal issues so she turned down the offer, but still, her ideas were used for the making of the visuals.

Check out the snippet here:

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