Watch: The Biggie And Tupac Case Files Episode 1

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The questions and uncertainties that surround the death of Biggie Smalls’ are quite a few and there is no bigger mystery than the one regarding the personality of the man who killed the legendary artist. Television filmmaker and produced, Mike Dorsey is the latest subject to attempt to solve the mystery behind the tragic chain of events. On the “Marauder Entertainment” Youtube channel, Dorsey presented a new series “The Biggie And Tupac Case Files”, which focuses on a suspicious man, who was seen hanging around the scene of the crime that night.

Dorsey kicks off his explanation by giving away details, regarding the nightclub in Vegas, where The Notorious B.I.G and his close friend, Puff Daddy, had been partying minutes before the tragic
accident. Mike turned his attention to the garage space, where all the people from the club had been evacuated to after signals came in of a raging fire inside the building. Dorsey focuses on a 20-year old male, wearing a striped shirt, who in the aftermath of Smalls’ death had been pointed out by several eyewitnesses as extremely suspicious in his behavior. It was thought for many years that the main culprit was wearing a bow tie, but Dorsey’s evidence clearly points to a different individual.

What particularly catches the eye of Dorsey and brings him to look at this man is that two separate groups of witnesses point directly to him. On one hand, the man wearing a striped shirt is confirmed as suspicious by people from the garage space at the club, including Biggie’s bodyguards. Later in the video, Mike introduces a very interesting phone call to 911 from a couple, that had driven past the scene of the B.I.G’s death. He’s able to gain access to the tape and showcase that the girl from the passing by car points out at a man in a striped shirt, who was hiding behind cars and seemingly shooting at the police from undercover.

Even more interestingly, however, the girl says that she isn’t certain if the man with the striped shirt was actually shooting, or was he merely mimicking that sort of gun activity. This eye-witness also collides with previous theories that Biggie had been killed by passing by car and that the shooter wasn’t in fact walking.

It’s fair to say that Dorsey’s story raises even more questions than actual answers in our minds. Does the man in a striped shirt having anything at all to do with the murder and why is he quoted as a suspicious-looking subject by two groups of witnesses? We might have to stay tuned to Mike’s following videos, but for now, you can check the first episode of The Biggie And Tupac Case Files.

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