Kobane: Death Row Gave Tupac Great Power And It Was His Downfall

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Death Row producer and Manager, Kurt Kobane (Curtis Couthon) believed that the power that Tupac was granted by the recording company proved to be his great downfall. In yet another interview on the “Art of Dialogue” Youtube channel, Kobane goes into detail on the overwhelming power that Death Row had over the music industry and how much it made Pac loses his sense of clarity.

Kurt started off by saying that people underestimate just how much the entire music world
was dependent on Death Row and Suge Knight since they were the biggest corporation in
the business. Many of the other labels at the time had completely vacated their
independence to Death Row and Kobane thinks that the fact that Tupac was the strongest
man in the label, along with Suge Knight, changed him forever – almost the beginning of
the end type of scenario.

Kobane continued by shedding some light on the role of American RnB musician and
producer Keyshia Cole, who was brought up in the company at the age of 12. Kurt recalls
how she instantly turned into a personal favorite of Knight, who granted her everything that
she wanted and needed. Others weren’t quite so keen on her involvement, however.

Towards the end of the talk, Kobane spoke a little about the rumor, spread by Cole herself,
that Tupac had told Knight that he would leave Death Row in order to team up with Quincy
Jones’s label. Kurt is rather skeptical of such information since he cannot see the logic
behind a move like that.

He explained that Jones’ label had split from Death Row and was a much smaller player in the music world. He added that it made even less sense to partner up with Jones since Kobane was told that Shakur had talked face to face with Suge Knight about “Makaveli Records” – what would have been Pac’s own record company.

Check out the interview with Kurt Kobane above.

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