DJ Ron G Tells Stories About Working With Tupac And Biggie

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Mixtape king Dj Ron G recently spoke about working with both Biggie and Tupac during his career.

The New York DJ, credited for bringing mixtapes to the forefront of hip-hop, sat down with Mad Tau TV. Firstly, Ron G gave a brief history of his involvement in Hip-Hop. His involvement in Hip-Hop started in 1989, inspired by Dj’s Red Alert and Marley Marl. He put hip-hop beats together with R&B acapella’s, making for a unique sound. From there, he put his stamp on the genre, working with a number of high-profile artists.

Ron G’s contributions went beyond Hip-Hop. In 2003, he collaborated with pop-star Michael Jackson on the song ‘One More Chance’ from Michael’s Number Ones album.

Meeting The Notorious B.I.G.

Telling the story of how he first met The Notorious B.I.G, Ron said it was around the time that Biggie signed his record deal with Bad Boy. Attending the same party as Biggie, the ran into each other and hit it off from there. “Me and Big just clicked right away. Big just started coming to the crib we used to smoke” DJ Ron G fondly remembers. Having a good relationship with Biggie was partly down to Lil Cease accepting him and calling him brother.

Ron tells the story of how Biggie showed him love on the song ‘Juicy’ with a shout out. In the song, the Brooklyn rapper rapped, “peace to Ron G,Brucey B, Kid Capri.” He goes onto tell an unheard story of when Biggie made him feel like Scarface. According to Ron, Biggie told him that he had a big picture of himself and Ron on the wall of his crib. He added “he made feel like I was Scarface. ‘Cos I’m like, ‘one of the biggest rappers in the world got a picture of me and him on his wall!”

Ron G Remembers Tupac’s Energy

Not only did Ron G work with Biggie, but he also worked with Tupac Shakur. On November 30, 1994, Tupac layered vocals in DJ Ron G’s apartment for the unreleased song ‘Representin’ 4 Ron G’. That same evening at Quad Studios, Tupac was ambushed and shot in a robbery. This incident would spark the beef between Tupac and Biggie.

Download: The Heat (Representin’ For Ron G) – 2Pac, Stretch, Keith Murray, Am Alive (30.11.1994)

Crediting Tupac for bringing a whole different lifestyle to him, Ron tells of how people gave him respect knowing he made a song with Tupac. Giving a shout-out to the Outlawz and respecting the late Afeni Shakur, Ron described Tupac as a brilliant dude. “When I first met him he was like ‘Ron G I heard about you man, Big told me about you’ and I was like this dude is just live. His energy was incredible.”

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