27 Years Later, Keffe D Arrested In Connection With Tupac’s Murder

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The murder of Tupac has been a hot topic for about 27 years and until September 29, 2023, it was probably the most famous unsolved case that triggered countless debates and all kinds of theories in the hip-hop world for almost three decades. After so many years of investigations and speculations, Las Vegas police have finally made an arrest in connection with Pac’s tragic death. Following a surprising turn of events, Duane “Keffe D” Davis was arrested by Las Vegas police on September 29 and was charged with “one count of murder with a deadly weapon”.

Duane “Keffe D” Davis was taken into custody early on a Friday morning (Sep. 29) while he was out for a walk near his home on the outskirts of Las Vegas. While Duane Davis is not believed to be the actual gunman in the drive-by 1996 shooting Tupac’s murder, law enforcement officials have described him as the ringleader of the group responsible for the crime.

According to Las Vegas police homicide Lt. Jason Johansson, Davis was the “shot caller” who orchestrated the plan that led to Tupac’s tragic death. In Nevada, individuals can be charged with a crime, including murder, if they are found to have played a role in helping someone commit the crime.

Authorities have revealed that Davis’s own public comments played a crucial role in reviving the investigation into Tupac’s murder. Davis, who is now 60 years old, has long claimed to have been inside the car from which the fatal shots that killed Tupac were fired. In a 2018 interview, he asserted that his nephew, Orlando “Baby Lane” Anderson, was one of the individuals sitting in the backseat of the car, the very area from which the fatal shots were fired.

2018 Interview by Keffe D on VLADTV

These comments, combined with new evidence and leads, led to the indictment by a Nevada grand jury.

The incident that led to Tupac’s murder occurred in the lobby of the MGM Grand, where a scuffle took place between Tupac and Anderson. This confrontation was related to the alleged theft of a chain belonging to a Death Row Records affiliate, a dispute that ultimately had fatal consequences for the rapper.

In a further twist, the grand jury also voted to add a sentencing enhancement to the murder charge against Davis for his alleged involvement in gang activity. If he is convicted, this enhancement could result in up to 20 additional years of imprisonment.

Tupac’s sister, Sekyiwa “Set” Shakur, and his brother Mopreme Shakur have now broken their silence regarding the arrest of Duane “Keffe D” Davis. In an Instagram statement, Sekyiwa expressed her relief that progress was being made in her brother’s murder case but also emphasized the need for caution.

She stated, “This is no doubt a pivotal moment. The silence of the past 27 years surrounding this case has spoken loudly in our community. It’s important to me that the world, the country, the justice system, and our people acknowledge the gravity of the passing of this man, my brother, my mother’s son, my father’s son.”

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Sekyiwa continued, “His life and death matters, and should not go unsolved or unrecognized, so yes, today is a victory, but I will reserve judgment until all the facts and legal proceedings are complete. There have been multiple hands involved and there remains so much surrounding the life and death of my brother Tupac and our Shakur family overall. We are seeking real justice, on all fronts.”

Keffe D will be arraigned on October 4, meanwhile, he remains in custody without bail.

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