Tupac Shakur’s Estate Wins Five-Year Legal Battle For Unreleased Music

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Tupac Shakur’s Estate Wins Five-year Legal Battle For Unreleased Music

It’s been 22 years since Tupac Shakur’s death.

And now unreleased music is finally going back to where it belongs, with his estate. Shakur’s estate just settled a five-year ongoing legal battle with Entertainment One, which will pay the estate for royalties that were never paid, according to TMZ.

The biggest win for the estate, though, is the return of unreleased master recordings made by Tupac Shakur before his death in September 1996.
The legal battle started in 2013, when the rapper’s mother, Afeni Shakur, who was then the administrator of his estate, sued Entertainment One.

Afeni Shakur

The lawsuit claimed the estate had not received royalties to the tune of more than seven figures, some of which will be recouped with a ‘substantial six-figure amount.’
While the estate isn’t getting as much in royalties as they wanted, the real big win for the estate, though, is the return of the unreleased recordings, which are said to be worth a fortune.
Afeni Shakur passed away in 2016 at the age of 69 after suffering a heart attack, but the lawsuit continued, until it was settled this month.

Shakur’s estate has been overseen by Tom Whalley, the head of Loma Vista Recordings who worked with the rapper while he was at Interscope.

Tom Whalley

Whalley had been overseeing the estate since 2013, and after Afeni’s death in 2016.

Those close to the family have complete confidence in Whalley’s ability and intentions to guide Tupac’s estate going forward. “Tom is someone who actually cares about Tupac’s legacy,” says Gobi M. Rahimi, “Someone who actually had an authentic relationship with Tupac is in a position of power now. Things seem more hopeful and positive than they have in the last 20 years.”

Gobi Rahimi

Rahimi says he’s aware of a great deal of unearthed Tupac music he hopes will soon see the light of day. The filmmaker himself for the past several years has been working on a documentary, 7 Dayz, recounting the rapper’s final days. “There are a plethora of stories that have yet to be shared about him from his family members and contemporaries,” Rahimi says. “It will help paint a picture of Tupac with a lot more color than what’s out there.”

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