TASF 50 For 50 Fundraising Campaign – HAPPY BIRTHDAY TUPAC!

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We are recognizing and honoring Tupac’s 50th Birthday by launching a Social Media Fundraising Campaign. Our campaign will support TASF’s work in the community around Mental Wellness, Creative Arts, Prison Reform, Women & Children (Human Trafficking), and Social Justice.

Your generous donation supports our mission to identify and eradicate the effects of trauma within our community. Since our founding in 1997, TASF has helped thousands of men, women, children, teens and families gain access to information and tools needed to improve their lives and overall wellness.

The Tupac Amaru Shakur Foundation is dedicated to eradicating the effects of trauma on our community by raising awareness of its impact on mental health and wellness. We provide communities with tools, healing techniques and resources such as the Creative Arts to provide a gateway to complete wellness. Our dedication helps ease the impact that trauma has on our children, families and community members.

We’ve accomplished this through:

Developing our Healing Tank Initiative as a platform to address Trauma & Mental Wellness

Supporting programs to address Prison Reform

Working with partner organizations to provide resources for Women & Children

Advocating for Social Justice for our families and communities

Continuing our legacy of supporting the Creative Arts as a Healing Outlet

…And we plan to continue our mission to raise even more awareness in 2021 and beyond!

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