New Developments in the 2Pac Murder Case: Keffe D Facing Charges

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The 2Pac murder case, which has remained a haunting mystery for nearly 27 years, has recently taken an unexpected turn. Reports suggest that authorities are preparing to charge former Compton Crip gang leader Duane “Keffe D” Davis, a childhood friend of legendary N.W.A. former member – the late Eazy-E. Keffe D, who once boasted about his involvement in the assassination of the iconic rapper, is now facing imminent charges in connection with this cold case.

As we all know, Pac’s murder is probably one of the most famous unsolved cases of all time that still sparks intense debates. A combination of witness statements, Keffe D’s own admissions, and evidence might be the key for the investigation that will show what really happened the night of September 7, 1996 in Las Vegas when Pac was fatally shot on the corner of Flamingo road and Koval Lane.

Building a Compelling Case

According to The Sun, Las Vegas homicide detectives, backed by the district attorney, have painstakingly assembled a compelling case against Keffe D. Their findings are expected to be presented to a secret jury in the coming month. This pivotal moment in the case will determine if the evidence gathered is substantial enough to warrant prosecution.

The case against Keffe D is not solely built on circumstantial evidence. A significant portion of the evidence includes witness statements regarding 2Pac’s murder and Keffe D’s alleged involvement. However, Keffe D will not be allowed to attend the hearing, leaving the grand jury to assess the evidence without his presence.

Potential Charges

Insiders suggest that the district attorney is exploring the possibility of pursuing first-degree murder charges against Keffe D, based on Nevada law. This potential charge underscores the seriousness of the allegations against him.

Keffe D’s own moves have played a significant role in this recent development. In his self-published memoir, “Compton Street Legend,” he confessed to his role in the shooting of 2Pac. According to his story, he rode in the vehicle and allegedly handed the murder weapon to his nephew, Orlando Anderson, who then fired the fatal shots.

Search of Keffe D’s Home

Adding to the intrigue almost 27 years later, investigators recently executed a search warrant at Keffe D’s residence as part of the long-dormant 2Pac murder investigation. During the search, law enforcement confiscated various items, including computers, hard drives, and magazine articles about 2Pac. Additionally, they discovered photographs from the 1990s featuring individuals who may have had direct or indirect connections to the shooting, along with copies of Davis’ 2019 book.

Hopes of Identifying an Accomplice

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While investigators have long believed that the primary gunman may already be deceased (Orlando Anderson was killed during an unrelated gang shooting in 1998), they are hopeful that this new development will enable them to identify and charge an accomplice. This marks a significant breakthrough in a case that has remained unsolved for nearly three decades.

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August 29, 2023 10:12 am

i think he’s covering up for someone. he wrote the book under duress. Pac’s killer is still alive or in jail, possibly a NWA member…

August 29, 2023 10:15 am

what nigga writes a book yo?  

Shawna Francis
Shawna Francis
October 22, 2023 6:54 pm

The people being indicated , accused, and investigated within this now newly open investigation are not related to 2pacs murder. These are his boys, people who have 2pacs respect and are loyal to him. Regardless of what is being said to be the evidence it is and has been manipulated to portray guilt in a murder that for 27 years has not even been questioned or investigated. This is an easy means to end for the government and guilty parties included with ties to said government branch’s. There is information on a daily basis being verbally confirmed by people who were a part of both the east and west coast music industry in all facets entertainers, producers, background contacts, and friends that contradict many of the pieces of information that have supposedly lead the police to find this newly found factual evidence leading to the accusation and ultimately the charges of murder to be placed as well as opening back up investigation to find an accomplice. At this point the same exact accusations, implications, and “facts” could be said about police and officials who have been involved and present during the murder and aftermath all the way through those 27 years! They know the FACTS and I would bet everything I got that they are running from a fire that only they know has been lit because of their guilt they believed they “cleaned” all that up because any ties were buried or burned already BUT low and behold it was not!

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