DMX’s Family Warns of Scammers Raising Money For His Funeral

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Members of DMX’s family have warned that the rumors of them raising money for the funeral of the fallen legend are completely off the mark. The artist died on the 9th of April, after 6 days in a coma following an overdose. Information has circulated over the last few days that the family is raising money because it won’t be able to afford a glamorous funeral. 

The family has warned of scammers who are trying to feed off of the situation with false campaigns announcing fundraisers for X’s funeral day. Those fundraisers should be avoided by the rap artist’s faithful following because they are in no way related to the late rapper’s actual family, which will have no financial difficulty to fund the upper-mentioned ceremony. Members of the family also confirmed that they’re not selling any DMX merchandise so be aware of hoaxed in that sense as well. 

There was one last piece of false rumors circulating in the media space over the last few days. Many claimed that Jay-Z and Beyonce had bought DMX’s masters for a hefty 10 million dollars, to financially back X’s 15 children down the line. That rumor also has no legs to stand on, however, as the family of the fallen rapper made it clear that some masters are under Def Jam’s control, but not actually owned by Jay. 

Lots of rumors are flying around, so look out for fake news. What’s true, however, is that DMX’s fantastic fans certainly showed their love for the legend in the final days of his earthly days, as well as in the days right after his death. A massive makeshift memorial was built up in front of the hospital, where X spent his final days, whilst we’re still waiting for DMX’s hometown to show their love for him. New York’s major has announced that the family of the artist can hold a public memorial at the city’s famous raceway. Many plans are being made and we wait for concrete info in the next few days. 

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