Fans Create a Massive Memorial in Honor of DMX

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Hundreds of DMX’s loyal supporters gathered outside of White Plains Hospital in New York to create a memorial in honor of the fallen rapper. The fans showcased their love and affection for the artist, whose legacy will surely be preserved throughout the years.

DMX passed away on Friday, after being in a coma for over a week as a result of an overdose on the 2nd of April. The news of his death hardly came as surprise since different sources had previously stated, that the doctors found out his brain had been deprived of oxygen for more than 30 minutes. It was grim reading from the start, so a fatal ending was, unfortunately, on the cards.

Beneath the sorrow came the light, however, as hundreds of his followers came to the scene of his final hours and created a makeshift memorial on the fence. Many left flowers and stuffed animals to mark the rapper’s passing away, whilst many others left messages of love and support for X’s family and close entourage. Balloons were also part of the items left by the fence, including three massive mylar balloons, on which DMX’s initials were written.

Balloons and flowers weren’t the only way to preserve the memory of the rap icon, as some of his supporters cranked up the volume and started playing some of his greatest ever songs. Many got in on the act and started to dance and sing along to their beloved tracks. We bet the rapper would’ve had tears of joy in his eyes if he ever had the chance to witness the heart-warming scene of affection.

Love and support for DMX came not only from his loyal fans, however. During the week, in which the rapper was in a coma, all of his 15 children had come along to see their father in his final moments on earth. X may not have been able to witness any of this himself, but his legacy as a rapper, father, and human will certainly remain intact and love will continue to pour for the soul of one of rap’s greats.

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