Swiss Beatz Emotional Farewell Video in Honor of DMX

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The world of rap continues to mourn the loss of one of its finest artists – DMX. The rapper died on the 9th of April, after being in a coma for 6 days, as a result of an extreme overdose, which left his brain without oxygen for up to half an hour. 

The response from his fans and friends has been strong and it was time for one of his closest friends to come out and say his last goodbyes. He did so in a heart-warming video, in which he looked back with fondness to the memory of the fallen great. 

Swiss Beatz and X had collaborated on the songs “Ruff Ryders Anthem”, “Party Up (Up in Here)” and both men were generally incredibly close. Beatz admits it was hard for him to swallow the news of his comrade’s death, but also believes DMX is finally in a better place after years of pain and struggle. 

Swiss was emotional in his tribute to the fallen legend, expressing his love and respect for X. The producer didn’t forget to talk about the biggest reason people loved DMX – his love for mankind. Beatz spoke about X’s lifestyle and how he would never live lavishly, despite having over 30 million dollars in the bank. He admits DMX lived with pain during each day of his life because he would absorb the suffering of others and make it his own. 

Swiss Beatz pointed out that despite all of his talent and fame, DMX never sold out and kept his integrity and beliefs intact. He even went as far as saying that X “did more charity than probably any other artist I know”. Beatz feels that was because DMX never really did it to boost his ego and popularity, but went about his charity business quietly and on a daily basis. 

Swiss certainly didn’t contain the emotions, flooding through his body, but he most definitely made his point clear – mankind lost an absolutely fabulous member, who was maybe the last of his breed. 

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