Tupac Shakur’s Prison Bible Being Sold for $54,000

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The Bible Tupac Shakur used in prison Clinton Correctional Facility in Dannemora, New York for assault in 1995 is being sold for $54,000 on the autograph dealer Moments In Time.

Source: momentsintime.com

‘Pac apparently signed the Bible with a red marker on the inside cover, and also put his Department of Corrections number, 95A1140.

We can’t forget the time he gave the facility a shoutout on “Hail Mary.” He said, “To my homeboys in Clinton Max doing their bid. Raise hell to this shit and feel this.”

Source: momentsintime.com

Moments in Time is the same company that auctioned off other Tupac items including his Hummer, handwritten lyrics, a jailhouse letter and a handwritten love letter. Tupac’s people believe they are the rightful owners of all of Pac’s original art, and as a result, they think it’s disrespectful to exploit his memory by selling his property.

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