1995-08-08 / Letter To Desiree Smith – Tupac’s Handwritten Letter

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On August 08, 1995, Tupac wrote this letter to his friend Desiree Smith from the prison.

Autograph letter signed (“2PAC”), 2 p, Dannemora, New York, August 8, 1995, postmarked August 9, 1995, to Desiree Smith. Accompanied by the original transmittal envelope, also in Tupac’s hand. Together with a page with two designs by Tupac in red ink, reading “‘Ask / ? / 2PAC’, and “property / of / 2PAC.” In the letter, Tupac writes, “The next time I C U there better be a place on your / body with 2PAC on it.

Tupac writes to Desiree about their relationship and his desire to see her and meet her mother. Of his release, he writes, “When I touchdown [sic] if u have / followed all the guidelines u & I have layed [sic] out / then I’ll get an apartment in L.A. 4 U & I / to stay at. I told Keisha already. She’s mad / but she knowz how I feel about u.

Letter To Desiree Smith (August 05, 1995) - Tupac’s Handwritten LetterLetter To Desiree Smith (August 05, 1995) - 2

Desiree Smith (Dez) (Left) & Another Woman Visits Tupac In The Prison
Desiree Smith (Dez) (Left) & Another Woman Visits Tupac In The Prison
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