Scarface Tells The Stories of Tupac & Recording ”Smile”

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Scarface: ‘Pac and I used to record together, there was one time we were in the studio recording “Smile” and he spit his verse, and the engineer hadn’t put the mic on, didn’t record it. ‘Pac just took off the headphones and you could hear him screaming at him, the engineer was trying to apologize, said “my bad,” and ‘Pac was like, “You don’t have many ‘My bads’ left!” [Laughs] He wasn’t intimidating to record with, he would lay it all out, wine in the studio, food, everything.

I remember we used to tour together, he was opening for me, and he would get the crowd going so crazy that they’d shut the show down before I even got on stage to go make my money. After a while, I’d go out first, I’d open for him just so I could go out and make my money.

I remember we were in Milwaukee one time, and these guys came and tore up the whole hotel looking for him. Not his room, the entire hotel. And he was in my room and I was like, I don’t want no part of that! I wasn’t trying to go downstairs and fight all those guys. [Laughs] But that was just ‘Pac.

The last time I saw him was probably that summer right before he died, he would just show up in the studio. He was buggin’ me because he wanted to go to the club, and I wasn’t finishing songs quickly enough for him. / source: XXLmag

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