2Pac’s ”Can’t C Me” – Nanci Fletcher Talks About The Story Of This Song

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Can’t C Me’ by 2Pac featuring George Clinton and ‘ME’ (Nanci Fletcher) produced by Dr. Dre recorded at the ‘Village Studio’ in West Hollywood, California.

Nanci Fletcher

We actually did this song for Snoop’s, ‘Doggystyle’ album but for some reason it didn’t make the cut.

The day we recorded it, I think me and Dre were the only ones in the studio and I remember us both being so ‘hyped’ and excited when George stepped up in the building.
He was larger than life to me and looked just like he did on his album covers, dyed hair, crazy outfit and all! He was cool and funny as hell.

Studio A, in the back of the Village, is kinda small (the booth is huge tho) and was a really intimate setting so to be sitting there working between George and Dre was ‘crazy’! When I added my part, Dre wanted me to try and imitate the ‘Brides of Funkenstein’, George’s female group at the time, plus a lil of my flavor. George went in and did what only he can do! He’s the ‘greatest’.

I remember when I was a little girl my big sister went to see a George Clinton, ‘Parliament Funkadelic’ concert in Manhattan. When she came home and described the show that had space ships (Tha Mothership), furs and a big giant ‘joint’, I couldn’t believe it.

She was so excited and happy, I never forgot that experience. I couldn’t wait to tell her that I was going to be on a song with George and Snoop! So, I was ‘bummed out’ when I heard the song wasn’t going to be on the album. But then a few years later when 2Pac came to Deathrow, Dre pulled it on out of the archives.

Pac went so HARD on this song even Dre was like “damn”! I was sooo happy! I don’t even have to tell you my sister’s reaction when I told her!

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