Darryl Harper: I Saw Faith Evans With 2Pac In The Studio, She Asked Me What My Name

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Former Death Row producer, Darryl Harper, opened up on one of the gossip stories of Tupac’s wild love life – his relationship with non-other than Biggie Smalls’ wife Faith Evans. According to stories both had an intimate bond, which of course, was a secret that had to be kept away from the public eye. It was Harper, however, who would go on and catch the loved ones going about their business inside one of Death Row’s studios. The producer describes it as quite a spicy scene.

Speaking on the “Art of Dialogue” Youtube channel Harper recalled an interesting story, about a time when he was tempted to go and meet The Notorious B.I.G in person and tell him about the producer’s admiration towards his music. Darryl admits that he would be getting many uncomfortable looks from his Death Row compatriots if he had done so. You can find these and more stories in the video.

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