Darryl Harper: I’m Glad Tupac Came To Death Row, But It Was His Downfall

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Former Death Row producer, Darryl Harper, sat down on the “Art of Dialogue” Youtube channel to reveal some interesting stories, regarding his work with 2Pac on the infamous “Makaveli” album. Harper spoke in detail about the way songs like “Krazy”, “Life of an Outlaw” and “Me and my girlfriend” came about.

The ex-producer shed some light on his reaction to the news of Tupac’s death, saying that he went to write a song, called “Farewell” in tribute to the fallen legend. He recalled playing the song to the entire Death Row entourage.

Harper also confirmed that he felt joining Death Row would prove to be Shakur’s downfall, even if the producer admits that he greatly enjoyed the opportunity to get to know Pac in person.

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