Bizzy Bone Comes Up With a Theory About 2Pac’s Death, He Thinks 2Pac’s Murder Was An Accident

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Theories about 2Pac’s death are major topics for Hip-hop fans and it is not surprising that people are still trying to find out what exactly happened back in 1996 when 2Pac’s death left everybody in shock. Latest opinion about the tragic event cоmes from Bizzy Bone. He strongly believes that the murder of the Hip-Hop legend was, indeed, an accident. He claims that the initial purpose of the killer was to set up a new street war.

Bizzy Bone

Bizzy Bone reveals his theory during an Instagram Live stream. He reconfirms what tends to be the truth according to many documentary movies and also to many people, which is that Orlando Anderson is the killer of the Hip-Hop legend.

To clarify the historic events for those of you who dоn’t know yet, everything starts when 2Pac and some of his crew beat Orlando Anderson after one of Mike Tyson’s fights in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After that, Bizzy Bone’s theory claims that the shooting was supposed to start a street war and not actually kill 2Pac. He thinks that Anderson stole a Death Row chаin with the intention to stay there until somebody from the crew sees him and beats him. Indeed, that’s what happens.

After that, Anderson’s plan was to shoot at the car and start a war. The purpose of all that was, of course, money. The shooter was supposed to go to 2Pac’s enemies who were going to be blamed for the event. Then, the shooter was going to offer them protection in exchange of money.
To sum up, this is Bizzy Bone’s theory behind the tragedy.

In the comments below you can let us know about your thoughts.

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Andre Williams
October 28, 2018 12:00 am

Someone knows what happened puffy had something to do with it his own bodyguard broke silence then the dude ice t met on the street that was with pac when he got shot the first time he look suspicious n suspect he didn’t want say shit pac n my older brother was close they talked a whole lot n shit wasn’t right

October 28, 2018 12:34 am

Yo, homie.. Your old bro meet Ice-T?

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