Danny Boy: Anyone In LA Could’ve Killed 2Pac, Suge Had Nothing To Do With It

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Former R&B singer, Daniel Steward, also known as Danny Boy, sat down on the “Art of Dialogue” Youtube channel to give his view on whether Death Row owner, Suge Knight, played a part in Biggie Smalls being killed in LA 6 months after Tupac was murdered. Danny ridiculed the idea that Knight was in any way shape or form responsible for the B.I.G’s tragic killing, stating that everyone on the West Coast was very upset by Pac’s passing away and that all the negative energy was firmly concentrated on Biggie.

Daniel Steward believes the timing of Smalls’ arrival in LA was his biggest downfall, citing that anyone in the city could’ve assaulted the rap legend, in order to gain some sort of revenge for the murdering of Shakur. Steward closed things up by acknowledging how much of a disturbing

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