2Pac’s Sister, Sekyiwa Shakur Regarding The Tupac Shakur Foundatiion (TASF)

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The latest direction for the foundation is The Healing Tank Initiative Program. Sekyiwa Shakur has launched, Peace of Mind, the first initiative in the Healing Series for the Tupac Shakur Foundation. “The question, ‘What does peace mean?’ can unlock infinite answers – and all of those answers are ways in which we must address healing as a people and as a community,” Sekyiwa Shakur.

The Tupac Shakur Foundation, under the leadership of Sekyiwa Shakur, has made Mental Health Awareness a priority. It embraces the many extensions of mental health by recognizing trauma, comprehending its origin, and initiating healthy habits through the Healing Tank Initiatives. These self-preservation step modules will serve families who live and identify within the urban culture and who may experience severe levels of trauma. Our Healing Tank initiative focuses on providing resources for these families who will benefit from therapeutic and restorative techniques needed to heal from these types of experiences.

TUPAC SHAKUR FOUNDATION MISSION: The Tupac Shakur Foundation is poised to bring humanity back to our environments by offering guidance and health initiatives for youth and families. Since 1996, TASF has focused on creating opportunities for youth in impoverished and underdeveloped communities. These young people have gained access to creative and performing arts and gained great confidence in leadership roles. Our mission continues to expand and enlighten youth and families as we now launch our ‘Healing Initiatives’ as a healthy addition to women, children, and families in need of mental and spiritual support.

Interview by Sterling James

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