Tupac & Charis Henry (Eazy-E assistent)

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Charis Henry was also the executive assistent of the late legendary Eric ”Eazy-E” Wright. Charis appeared in Dr Dre’s “The Car Bomb (Skit)” featuring Mel-Man from the album “2001”. She is now the CEO of her own company CiW2 Inc.

Tupac & Charis Henry

“When Tupac and I met, he was fresh from the Bay still living there. He was having trouble up in Richmond because people thought he was responsible for a death of a kid at a concert he was performing at to benefit the community. My friend Tgia was house sitting at a friends house for the summer on the beach in Malibu. I invited Pac to come stay with us for a few weeks to get away from the madness. Come to L.A, come stay with us I told him. We have a huge house 3 floors…shit you can even have your own floor.

He came and he came wearing ALL THOSE RINGS, EVERY finger had a ring on it. Diamond mind you etc. It was the tackiest shit I’d ever saw. Lol I explained to him you only need a couple maybe one on each finger. If that. His explanation was…he had grown up poor never had nothing. When people had gold nugget ringz he had silver or nothing. He said when he got some money he wanted people to know he had it. I told him they’ ll know. Just keep it one to two rings at a time. Switch them up and theyll know. He looked at me and said. Youre fly. I trust what you say. (Big Smile). There are so many memories that i could share and will when i sit down and slow down to write my book . I love you Tupac.

You and God knows. Man i miss you. Im writng this with tears in my eyes. I truly miss you.!!! Damn!! This wasnt an encounter. This was my real friend my brother my heart my road dog . I was his mentor, his go to girl for advice for business decisions , life and sometimes street ones. Our bond is a lifetime….until then.”

Tupac might have signed to Ruthless

Before he went to prison, both Suge Knight’s Death Row and the label owned by his arch rival, Eazy-E’s Ruthless Records, were vying for Tupac’s services. Tupac rolled with Eazy to industry events and they regularly had meals together, said his assistant Charis Henry, adding that Eazy even had a Thug Life cap. “Tupac was around us every day,” said Cold187um, from Ruthless group Above the Law. Henry believes that, if Eazy were still alive when Tupac got out of prison, he would have signed with Ruthless instead of Death Row.

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