1992 / Rare Photo of Tupac Shakur on Roller Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California

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In 1992, the year after releasing his debut studio album, 2Pacalypse Now, Tupac Shakur decided to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. After waiting in line, he strapped into the Viper roller coaster, which automatically took his souvenir picture during an exciting peak of the ride. Now that amazing photograph – which features an autograph on the back – is being sold to the highest bidder as part of auction house Paddle8’s “Legendary Sale.”

A previous auction listing describes the item as “most likely unique color laser print souvenir photo,” in “fine condition” and housed in the “original 6.25 x 4.75 Magic Mountain Viper folder.” The reverse features a personalized black ballpoint autograph from the rapper-actor to his roller coaster seatmate “Daniel,” which reads, “Peace Daniel, Be a Homie. 2Pac.” The piece is accompanied by a letter of provenance from the original owner, which describes the chance encounter with a burgeoning hip-hop legend.

Tupac Autograph, 1992

“In 1992, while attending Six Flag’s Magic Mountain…Tupac Shakur happened to be in front of me in the line,” Daniel wrote in the message. “This roller coaster takes a picture of all the occupants on the ride, to be purchased as a souvenir photo. Since Tupac Shakur went on the roller coaster the same time as I did, I purchased a souvenir photo card which contained the picture of him…I approached Tupac Shakur with the souvenir photo card of him and asked him if he would autograph the photo card for me, which he gladly obliged.”

It’s worth noting that while the three other people in the picture appear to be smiling with delight, Tupac’s expression is stoic – as if the roller coaster’s winding turns aren’t fazing him a bit. (Unlike DMX, who shouted some intense gibberish during his viral-friendly amusement park outing).

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