Timeline 1992

1992-08-30 / Rare Photo of Tupac at Venice Beach

Rare photo of great Tupac Shakur from personal collection of IG member Stacy Nicole taken Venice Beach / August 30, 1992.

1992-04-11 / Tupac Live Performance at ‘Glam Slam West’

On April 11, 1992, Tupac performed live at Prince’s ''Glam Slam West'' nightclub in Los Angeles, California. Tupac is on stage along with his half-brother Mopreme Shakur and Dana Smith aka Mouse Man. Coolio...

1992 / Rare Photo of Tupac Shakur on Roller Coaster at Six Flags Magic Mountain, Valencia, California

In 1992, the year after releasing his debut studio album, 2Pacalypse Now, Tupac Shakur decided to visit Six Flags Magic Mountain in Valencia, California. After waiting in line, he strapped into the...

1992-01-07 / Tupac Filming ”Brenda’s Got a Baby” Music Video

On January 07, 1992, Tupac filmed ''Brenda's Got a Baby'' music video, directed by Allan Hughes. Read also: The Real Story Inspired Tupac for ''Brenda's Got a Baby'' The same day, Pac was photographed by Gary Reyes for...

1992-06-08 / Tupac Twice-Signed Check (Photos)

A Tupac Shakur twice-signed check. The handwritten check is written from a Wells Fargo account in the amount of $2,000, dated June 8, 1992, and written to Tupac Shakur. It is signed...

1992-09-27 / Tupac Record ”Brothas In the Pen” & Fired From “Menace II Society”

On September 27, 1992 In one day Tupac Record ''Brothas In the Pen'' (Produced by Truman Jefferson) and fired from “Menace II Society” movie. While the film proved to be a critical and commercial...

1992-09-27 / Truman Jefferson Talks How 2Pac Records ”Representin’ 93”

‎Truman Jefferson (Representin'93 producer) share interesting info for this day... September 27, 1992, Tupac with Truman Jefferson record ''Representin' 93'' ''I remember it like it was yesterday... I was at the house in...

1992-03-25 / First Scene Tupac & Janet Jackson During ”Poetic Justice”

March 25, 1992 The first test scene Tupac and Janet Jackson in a salon X, Y, Z Ladera Heights, California.

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