Nine Facts About Tupac New Fans Not Know

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Tupac Shakur is a musical legend with many incredible stories. The legendary rapper might have left this world in 1996, but he is still one of the most revered rappers in the world. His genius transcends his time and has continued influencing the culture and game. We believe Tupac was one of a kind. 

Although his rap career is one of the most focused on parts of his life, the legend has other areas that showed a different side to the acclaimed thug life. In that case, we’ve highlighted some facts about Tupac Shakur that you might not know as you learn more about the rap legend. 

The devastating news of Tupac’s death has left a big hole in the world of rap. Many fans are still looking for closure. But, even if you’re not a rap fan and only focus on sports and sports betting activities, Tupac is someone you would have heard about. He is a beacon for the black community. 

Tupac Was Born in the East, not the West

One of Tupac’s powerful stories was his participation in the East and West Coast rivalry, but many people don’t know that Pac was born in East Harlem. However, he ended up repping the West Coast and is considered a legend in WC. Although he eventually moved to California, 2Pac will always be remembered on the West Coast. 

Tupac Studied Shakespeare

This fact might shock, but before 2Pac became an influential rapper, he studied the renowned English writer Williams Shakespeare. However uncanny this might seem, we can see how Shakespeare would have inspired Shakur, given how well he could command flows and word rhymes at an incredible level. 

He Was Part of the Digital Underground Group

Before Tupac became a famous rapper and released his first album, he was part of the Digital Underground hip-hop group as an MC and backup dancer. He did multiple gigs with the group, but eventually, he set out on his own to become a top rapper, and in his short life, he achieved many things. 

Biggie and Tupac Were Friends

Before the massive beef between the two greats at the time, Tupac and Biggie were friends. The duo later became main agents in the East-West Coasts rivalry. The falling out began when Tupac was ambushed and shot inside the lobby of a recording studio in Manhattan’s Times Square in 1994. From there, it was an all-out war between one-time friends. 

2Pacalypse Now Changed Tupac’s Career

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Many fans might not remember much about Tupac’s early career, especially his first album. However, the release of 2Pacalypse changed the trajectory of Pac’s career. Even though it wasn’t a smashing hit, it showed he had what it took to become a top rapper. From there, he was on a roll and continued to create magic. 

Tupac Starred in an American Crime Drama

Aside from being a superstar rapper, Tupac also had his stint in Hollywood. He appeared in many TV shows and movies during his life. However, one that stood out was the 1992 American Crime Drama, Juice which saw Pac play a troubled teen who turns into a murderous sociopath. His incredible acting skills earned him more gigs in Hollywood. 

More Tupac Albums Have Been Released Since His Death

Tupac has 11 platinum albums, but seven were released after his death. The rapper has sold over 75 million records worldwide, but unfortunately, most of these numbers came after he died. It shows that he was ahead of his time and would have been even more significant if he had been alive for a long time. 

Tupac’s Performance at the 2012 Coachella

This fact might sound untrue or like one of the many conspiracies of how Tupac is still alive, but in reality, Tupac’s hologram performed alongside Snoop Dogg in 2012 at Coachella. Technology lets fans enjoy another incredible performance from one of the greatest MCs ever to grace the stage, even though he’s been gone for almost three decades. 

His Role in the East and West Coast Rivalry

Everyone can agree that Pac played a massive role in the battle that went down between the West and East Coast. Despite being born in the East, 2Pac repped the West and became a legend. He created the Thug Life Crew, masterminded the Hit ‘Em Up hit, and many more moments. His role in the rivalry was undoubtedly huge, alongside Biggie for the East Coast.

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