Full Video of Tupac in Studio Recording for MC Hammer Coming Soon

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Kendrick Wells has recently announced that he will be releasing a studio session showing Tupac recording a song for MC Hammer.  Wells explains that MC Hammer wanted to join Death Row Records and return to the music industry.

Therefore, Tupac wrote a song specifically for MC Hammer. However, according to Wells, the MC Hammer version of the song was shelved as the artist’s label didn’t allow him to work with Death Row.

The song that we are talking about is called “Unconditional Love” and is one of Tupac’s greatest hits after he was killed. It is part of the rapper’s “Greatest Hits” album.

“They created a hit called “Unconditional Love”. Later it got released but it didn’t sound like it did, but it was alright. The original song was made for MC Hammer. Tupac went in and ghost wrote,” said Kendrick. “He spit the track, then they give it to MC Hammer. Hammer came along and recorded it later.”

Even though we are not entirely sure what happened to the MC Hammer version of the song, one thing is certain- soon, we will all witness the first ever full studio session video of Tupac. The video of the recording studio session is around an hour long, and in it we will also see producer Johnny J, who helped with the making of the hit. EDI Mean of the Outlaws was also in the studio that day.

Unconditional Love (Original Version) was recorded on February 02, 1996 featuring Nanci Fletcher in the hook.

“I recorded the whole thing. I have a video that I’m probably going to release with my documentary,” announced Kendrick.

Tupac: Ay Kendrick… you big f*cking americas funniest home video.
The funny sh*t is gonna be us taping us kickin’yo a*s takin yo camera.

E.D.I.: Word, lets do it…

Tupac: You f*cking cop whadaya doin?
Go get a Taco. Wanna taco? Go get a Taco.
Johnny J., give him a Taco bell certificate….

It is safe to say that we will witness greatness at work, and we will once again recollect why Tupac is the greatest rapper of all time.

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Ник Николсон
January 6, 2020 4:11 am

Awesome. I also wish we had more live concerts of 2pac back in 91, 92, 93, 94.

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