2Pac – Too Tight Feat. Nanci Fletcher (Unleaked)

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2Pac – Too Tight Feat. Nanci Fletcher (Unleaked)

Written by T. Shakur, J. Jackson
Recorded: 1995/1996 for MC Hammer
Producers: 2Pac & Johnny “J” Jackson
Sample: Ohio Players – Skin Tigh



…you wonder why they call me hammer?
They told me Hammer was a prophet so I stopped the playing
and came back with a monster jam
throw up ur hands if u feel me touch the sky
cause you ain’t gotta be high to fly
Now all my people say

[Chorus – Nanci Fletcher]

Everybody talking about there down to ride now Hammers busting too tight
but i dont think they know what we got tonight Hammer show em why your too tight


…you wonder why they call me Hammer?….

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