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Full Video of Tupac in Studio Recording for MC Hammer Coming Soon

Kendrick Wells has recently announced that he will be releasing a studio session showing Tupac recording a song for MC Hammer.  Wells explains that MC Hammer wanted to join Death Row Records...

Tupac Shakur Estate Drops Limited Edition Vinyl And Apparel

Tupac Shakur Estate Drops Limited Edition Vinyl And Apparel  To celebrate the the anniversary of the 2PAC Greatest Hits album, 20 years ago on November 24, 1998 Greatest Hits is a double-disc greatest hits album for...

2Pac – Unconditional Love (Official Music Video) 1999

2Pac = Unconditional Love (Official Music Video) 1999 Album: Greatest Hits Label: Death Row Records Released: 26 January, 1999 Director: Rob Johnson Producer: Lisa E. Johnson Executive Producer: Suge Knight

2Pac – Hit ’em Up (Official Music Video) 1996

2Pac - Hit 'em Up (Official Music Video) 1996 Album: Greatest Hits Filmed: Juny 03, 1996 Label: Death Row Records Director: J. Kevin Swain Producer: Tracy D. Robinson, Gobi Nejad Executive Producer: Suge Knight Editor: G. Thomas Ferguson

05. 2Pac – Changes – Greatest Hits

Changes Featuring – Talent Producer : 2Pac Lyrics :  Come on come on I see no changes. Wake up in the morning and I ask myself, "Is life worth living? Should I blast myself?" I'm tired of bein' poor and...

01. 2Pac- Troublesome ’96 – Greatest Hits

"Troublesome '96" - 2Pac Producer : Johnny "J" Lyrics : Troublesome nigga Troublesome 19-muthafuckin-96 (westside) Let it be known nigga Boss of all bosses, Makaveli Menacin' methods label me a lethal weapon Making niggas die witnessin' breathless imperfections Can you picture my specific...

09. 2Pac – Unconditional Love – Greatest Hits

"Unconditional Love" - 2Pac Producer : Johnny "J" Lyrics :  (What y'all want?) Unconditional Love (no doubt) Talking bout the stuff that don't wear off It don't fade It'll last for all these crazy days These crazy nights Whether you wrong or you...

04. 2Pac – God Bless the Dead – Greatest Hits

"God Bless The Dead" (feat. Stretch) Producer : 2Pac Lyrics :  Rest in peace to my mothafucka Biggie Smalls That's right boy, it's goin on Right here, Thug Life God bless the dead God bless the dead & buried nigga Don't worry...

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