Kendrick Wells on 2Pac’s love life: He was hitting everything!

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One of 2Pac’s close friends, Kendrick Wells, went into detail about some of the great rap artist’s biggest love conquests, including his affairs with Janet Jackson, Madonna and American actress Kidada Jones. Wells sat down face to face on the “The Art of Dialogue” Youtube channel and gave some spicy insight into Pac’s love life. 

Wells recalls the rapper explaining to him about the conundrum with Janet Jackson, when both Pac and Jackson were part of the acting staff for John Singleton’s movie “Poetic Justice”. Janet and 2Pac were both deemed to participate in a love scene and the actress’s camp demanded that Shakur got an AIDS test before the shooting of the movie. Pac had then refused to do so but would, later on, regret not taking the test. Pac had afterward told Wells that Jackson and the rap-artist would’ve gone on to have an intimate relationship, had he taken the AIDS test. 

Wells also shed some light on how Tupac managed to get out of jail. He was bailed out by non-other than the great Madonna, after everyone else from Pac’s close entourage had distanced themselves from him. Kendrick confirmed that after getting Pac out of prison, she gave the rapper a key to her hotel room. Wells spoke of how Shakur left a big impression on Madonna after their one-night stand. 

The story didn’t end there, as Wells also touched on Tupac’s attraction to famous American actress Kidada Jones. Kendrick took a trip down memory lane and explained how he and Pac once had dinner at Kidada’s house, along with her parents – composer Quincy Jones and actress Peggy Lipton. It would be appropriate to say Wells’ description of Shakur’s love life speaks volumes on how many famous women of that time were keen on the great rapper – and Pac himself clearly took full advantage.

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