Darryl Harper: Suge Knight Threatened To Kick My Ass If I Didn’t Produce A Hit, MC Hammer Was a Down To Earth Guy

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Former Death Row Records music producer, Darryl Harper, continued with his fascinating stories, regarding his time as part of the infamous label company. In his latest tale on the “Art of Dialogue” Youtube channel he returned to his first weeks as part of Death Row, describing how Suge Knight threatened to kick his ass if he didn’t produce a hit single soon enough. Luckily, Harper managed to impress everyone with his new song, including rap legends 2Pac and MC Hammer.

Later in the video, Harper confirmed that Hammer was actually a very down-to-earth guy, who’s persona was quite different from what people commonly think. The ex-producer finished off by rubbishing some of Kurt Kobane’s, another former Death Row producer, claims in a previous video interview on the channel. It’s fair to say that Harper was quite angry with some of Kobane’s words.

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